The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


O C E A N    R O W S   O F   M O R E   T H A N   1 8 0   D A Y S

i n   o r d e r    o f   d e p a r t u r e

Last update November 13 2009

No Ocean 1st Name Surname Country Solo/Double Boat Miles Depart Arrival Days From To
1 Atlantic
E to W
John Fairfax GB solo Britannia 4342 20/01/69 19/07/69 180 San Agustin 
Hollywood Beach, 
2 Pacific
E to W
John Fairfax GB double Britannia II 6000 26/04/71 22/04/72 361 San Francisco, 
Sylvia Cook
3 Mid-Pacific
 E to W
Anders Svedlund Sweden solo Waka 
6462 27/02/74 06/09/74 191 Huasco
Apia, West Samoa via Papeete, Tahiti
4 Pacific
 E to W
Peter Bird GB solo Hele-on-
6000 23/08/82 14/06/83 294 San Francisco, 
Great Barrier Reef 
5 Pacific
 E to W
Curtis Saville USA double Excalibur 4000 04/07/84 21/08/85 189 Calleo (Peru) via Galapagos Islands via Marquises Islands
Cairns (Australia)
Kathleen Saville
6 Pacific
 W to E
Peter Bird GB solo Sector 
6300 12/05/93 12/03/94 304 Vladivostok 
7 Pacific
E to W
Andrew Halsey GB solo Brittany Rose 6700 15/07/99 05/04/00 266 San Diego, CA (USA)  (Incomplete)
8 Pacific
E to W
Jim Shekhdar GB solo Le Shark 10652 29/06/00 30/03/01 273 Ilo (Peru) N Sradbroke, Australia
9 Atlantic E to W Alex Bellini Italy solo Rosa d'Atacama II ~5000 18/09/05 30/04/06 224 Genoa, Italy Fortaleza, Brazil
10 Pacific E to W Erden Eruç Turkey solo Around-n-Over - 10/07/07 17/05/08 312 days Bodega Bay, CA.

New Guinea

11 Pacific E to W Alex Bellini Italy solo Rosa d'Atacama II - 21/02/08 12/12/08 294 days
7h 20min
Callao, Peru


12 Pacific
 W to E
Mick Dawson GB double Bojangles 5082 8/05/09 13/11/09 189d 10h 39min Choshi, Japan San Francisco, USA
Chris Martin