The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


Successful  ocean rows by oceans, routes and categories


 ATLANTIC  West - East

ATLANTIC  East - West

Atlantic W-E (from the USA) Pair Atlantic E-W Pair

Atlantic W-E (from the USA) Solo

Atlantic E-W Solo 
Atlantic W-E (from the USA) Four Atlantic E-W Trio, Four & Multi-Crew
Atlantic W-E (from Canada) Solo     ●  Atlantic E-W (Trade Winds Route 2)
Atlantic W-E (from Canada) Four  

Atlantic both directions Solo


PACIFIC West - East

PACIFIC East - West

Pacific  W-E Solo    Mid-Pacific E-W Solo
Pacific  W-E Pair  Pacific E-W Solo
    Pacific E-W Pair


INDIAN West - East

INDIAN  East - West



Indian E-W Solo


Indian E-W Pair/Solo


Indian E-W Pair
    Indian E-W Four
    Indian E-W Eight


ARCTIC East - West , North- South, South - North

Arctic  - Solo, Pair, Four  


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