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History of Ocean Rowing
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A look back at Ocean Rowing -
from Phoenicians, Greeks, Persians and Romans to the first planned oceanic voyage in modern history,
 the first race and ocean rows at the turn of the third millennium




Peter Bird
Sidney Genders

John Ridgway and Chay Blyth

John Fairfax
Andrew Halsey
Eugene Smurgis

  Chapters about  Oceanrowers 




Harbo and Samuelsen (1896)  

Log of Harbo and Samuelsen (1896)

     New York June 6th 1896 left Battery 5 P.M. Weather fine. Wind south. Rowed as far as...

''The Ballad of Harbo & Samuelson'' by Jerry Bryant 

     "We'll see you in France or we'll see you in Heaven!" Read lyrics and listen to the song
David Johnstone & John Hoare  (1966)  

Excerpts from THE PENANCE WAY by Merton Naydler


Johnstone’s and Hoare’s attempt was not worthless.
Their courageous behaviour constitutes an epic in the history of man’s unending struggle against the sea, brilliantly exemplifying the eternal spirit of human adventure

Kenneth Kerr (1979 ● 1980)  



Kerr twice tried to cross the Atlantic from West to East in "BASS CONQUEROR", a 13 foot glass-fibre dinghy. His first attempt ended in failure in 1979...

 Nenad Belic  (2001)  


    His wife, his daughter, and eventually the nautical experts who guided him all urged Nenad Belic to give up his daring quest to row alone acrossthe Atlantic. But Belic's obsession like the waves he faced was nonnegotiable...
  Hugh King-Fretts (1984)  


    "A lone Atlantic rower, Hugh King-Fretts, 36, about his 2,600-mile voyage that nearly ended in disaster — just 500 yards off the reef-strewn coast of Barbados..."
 Amyr (Khan) Klink (1984)  


    In 1984 Amyr, then 28, accomplished the first single-handed crossing of the South Atlantic in a rowing boat, journey that he wrote about in his book “Gem dias entre céu e mar” (One hundred days between the sky and the sea).
Andrew Wilson (1980)  


    "The rowing boat belonging to missing Atlantic oarsman Andrew Wilson has been found wrecked on a Scottish isle.
There was no sign of a 23-year-old Andrew. He is presumed drowned..."
Anders Svedlund   

Collection of press articles, courtesy of New Zealand Maritime Museum

Squadron Leader D.H. Clarke D.F.C., A.F.C. ("Nobby" to his friends)  



 "This is a story about a very brave man,
the man you know as the recorder of data for the Guinness Book of Records – “Nobby” Clarke
 –  to me he is the man who saved my fathers life." (
by Romey Foord )

Mike NESTOR and Sean CROWLEY  (1986)   

The Irish Post, May 24, 1986

    "That these two lads have received little îr nî publicity is not at all the most remarkable aspect of their feat. Far more remarkable is that, prior to setting out, they had never rowed at sea. Indeed, they had hardly rowed at all — only 30 hours’ practice în the Thames.
And there is still the fact that they broke by two hours the Atlantic rowing record"...
Don Allum (1987)  

Log of Don Allum (1987)

     This is an exact copy of Don Allum's diary of the fourth voyage of the rowing boat QE3 it was written between 21 June and 5 September 1987. The voyage started at St. John's Newfoundland and ended at Dooagh Achill Island, Ireland.

Ocean Cloud - Marillion.
Dedicated to Don Allum, and the Ocean Rowers

    Lyrics: Hogarth; Music: Hogarth/Kelly/Mosley/Rothery/Trewavas
The smell of the earth
It's his favourite smell
But he's somehow compelled to the stinging salt hell ...
Geoff Allum (2003)  

Interview with Geoff Allum (2003)

    ...the ocean is there for all of us, it is free, it is one of our last freedoms.
 Derek King   (1974)  


    Extracts from the book 'Small Boat Against the Sea' by Derek King and Peter Bird.
Press articles.
Gerard d'Aboville (1991)  

"Alone" by Gerard d'Aboville Extracts from the book (1991)

Roger Montandon (1996)   



"Some info about an ocean rower from Switzerland   Eng Fra

Tori Murden (1998)  

"Alone at Sea" by Tori Murden (1998)

Brett Sparrow and Scott Wonenberg (2004)  

Excerpts from the log of  'Against All Odds !'

    "Many have said that rowing an ocean is 90% mental and 10% physical. After having done it we would probably increase the mental importance. Will, desire, passion and attitude is what gets you to the other side; and the body will follow..."
Erden Eruç  



human-powered odyssey around the Globe - a multi-year expedition by bike, by boat and on foot, to summit the tallest peaks on six of the world's continents and to row across  the oceans

Mick Dawson (2004)   



As Dawson found out, one of the interesting aspects of ocean rowing is the close proximity to “the life aquatic.” In the following excerpt from Mick Dawson’s upcoming book about the 2004 row, he recounts a close encounter with some hungry visitors...

Rob Hamill  
(March 6th  2005)



Some thoughts on "What it takes to put together an Ocean Rowing campaign"

Oliver Hicks   



Chapter for the Almanac of Adventures. France, October 2007. By Kenneth F.Crutchlow.

Richard Wood  

"Tale of an OceanRower"(2001)

Jan Meek and
Daniel Byles

A Hundred and One Atlantic Nights (1997 - 1998)

     Story of Jan Meek and Daniel Byles as told to Janet Matthews for CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE PARENT'S SOUL





Log of Stein Hoff (2002)


Log of "Salamanca"(1997)
Mark Mortimer and Martin Bellamy

     Both Mark and Martin are Captains in the Army. They were given a year off for sabbatical from the Army to train and complete their row in the Atlantic Challenge (Oct, 1997).

Log of team Sam Deacon with preface... (1997) 
Charles Street and Roger Gould 


Log of Anne Quemere (2002 - 2003)


Logs of Pavel Rezvoy (2004) (2005)


Report of  Andrea Pálos and Gábor Rakonczai (2006 - 2007)


Logs of Emmanuel Coindre (2001)  (2002) ● (2004)


Log of Ray and Jenny Jardin (2002)


Log of Martin Wood (2003)


Extracts from log of Debra Veal (2001)


Log of Team Uppsala (2001)


Extracts from Log of Team UniS VOYAGER (2001)


Log of Team Spirit of Swindon (2001)


Extracts from Log of Team The Bright Spark (2001)


Indian Ocean 2002 - Unexpected Challenge - log of Simon Chalk and Bill Greaves 


Alex Bland and Harry Martin-Dreyer  (2013-14) 


The story of the  trans-oceanic  record rowing attempt of 'Atlantic Endeavour' (1998)



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