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Books and DVD's on Oceanrowing


"FURTHEST NORTH "  - a permanent record of the Old Pulteney Row To The Pole, written by  Rod Macrae, one of the Team A factual account which captures the true atmosphere of the whole endeavour, from the tensions as the team set out to the real moments of danger and frustration experienced on the way.

Published by Frozen World Books and is on sale at Amazon and  as well as selected Waterstones and independent book shops.

"How to get to the North Pole... and other iconic adventures"
by  seasoned adventurer Tim Moss

The book is on sale now for £10 plus postage from  as well as on Amazon and in book stores"

Tim Moss at Next Challenge has just published a book that includes a chapter on how to row an ocean.
With input from over 50 different explorers, comprehensive chapters take you through the details of seven classic expeditions from crossing a desert to climbing an unclimbed mountain.
From armchair adventurer to those simply looking for practical advice, this book is aimed at anyone who’s ever dreamed of doing something BIG!

Now available: the book
"Ya sabia yo que en avion era mas facil..."
    ("I knew the plane would be easier...")
By Pedro Ripol   

Now available: the book
 'The Atlantic Job - A Dad and a Lad' by Norman Beech 

Now available: the book
A Little goes a Long Way By James 'Tiny' Little
This raw, untainted, diarised account is written with Tiny's usual modesty and humour...Some of the descriptions are so vivid, accurate and enthralling that it is ... like you were actually there! You will laugh out loud and you may even shed a tear.  >>>

Now available: the book An ocean away By Dave Clarke As Dave points out " 76,000,000 square kilometres of Atlantic Ocean is not a place for the foolhardy or reckless. it has a turbulent menace that is vengeful and forgiving in turn"

Now available: the book Trust me on the sunscreen By David Martin The story of two years of planning and 49 days of rowing for four guys to complete the world's toughest rowing race

Now available: the book Sally's Odd at Sea  By Sally Kettle A real-life account of a daughter and mother's exceptional journey across the high seas, and Sally's attempt to row as skipper of the all-girl Rowgirl team
The book Oar-Some by Jennifer Brumham Queensgate - the first four-man crew  to row an ocean
The book Little Lady, One Man, Big Ocean by Paul Gleeson and Tori Holmes  


Tenacity on the Tasman
DVD now for sale

'Tenacity on the Tasman' charts Oliver Hicks' global sponsorship campaign, medical and logistical preparations, embarkation for the treacherous and unforgiving waters of the Southern Ocean - the ultimate act of courage – and nearly 100 days at sea. Technical failure of the vessel and an alarming forecast of hostile ice off the Ross Sea cause Oliver to suspend the row. But suspending a row 1000 miles from land is no simple task...
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Vivaldi Atlantic 4  
DVD now for sale

Not For Fame - Not For Money...
Documentary story of the first 4 to row the Atlantic W - E, from Canada to UK. Full of spectacular shots, humour and special details,  this film is a useful must-see for potential ocean rowers and is a feverishly pleasant watch for ocean rowers with an experience...
Call 07752879007 or write to Nigel Morris to order your copy >>>



One to one interview with John Fairfax
DVD now for sale

Interview by Kenneth F.Crutchlow filmed by George Olver.
May 2007, London, on occasion of the 70th Birthday of the First man to row the Atlantic solo and the Pacific (in double)
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The Longest Row
DVD now for sale

The 52 minutes feature film of Peter Bird's 294 days at sea - the first solo row across the Pacific, from San Francisco to the Great Barrier Reef off Australia.
A film by Alan Guilford and Peter Bird. Narrated by James Mason.

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Virgin Row
DVD  now for sale
The 70 minute feature film of Olly Hicks' solo W-E row across the North Atlantic in 2005. Producer George Olver.
Winner of the Peter Bird Troffee at the Dijon Adventure Film Festival 2006 and Grand Prix in Extreme Category at the Moscow Adventure Film Festival 2007



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