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Tale of an Ocean Rower


Chapters from then future book by Richard Wood, that were posted on our website in 2003.
Now the book is finished, so we offer you to read the whole book
Now available: Book by Richard Wood: Naked Ambition

Dear Reader 

My name is Richard Wood. I am a member of the Ocean Rowing Society who were of great assistance during my attempt to row the Atlantic Ocean when I entered the 2001 Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge. 

It was a huge undertaking and worthy of recounting everything that was involved and a little more besides. I thought some might be interested in the story and others who may be considering such an undertaking may find help from my experience. On my return I decided to write a book but with so many things crowding in and demanding my time I realised this project would probably never get finished. The need for a deadline which didn't exist didn't help either. I had a chat with Kenneth Crutchlow who heads up the Society and has been a friend of Ocean Rowers for many years and as a result decided to 'publish' my account on the ORS website in instalments. It may turn into a book one day, who knows, but for now the site will suffice to tell the tale. 

The sea gets into your blood and Ocean Rowing becomes a passion. The sport is not for the faint hearted, getting to your port of departure is a formidable challenge in itself, with many failing to make it even that far let alone reaching their final destination. Once its all over there are so many things still to do, debts to pay, boats to retrieve, repair or sell, disappointments to overcome and perhaps worst of all, the knowledge deep down inside that there are many more boats to build, challenges to surmount and oceans waiting to be rowed. Its a restlessness that reflects the oceans themselves, oceans that none will ever conquer, oceans that may be gracious enough to let you achieve your goal or swallow you up in the process.

So this is the beginning of my story, its a story that doesn't as yet have an end. I write it out of respect for all my fellow rowers who have dared to point their bow to a distant horizon and take up the challenge of the oceans and to all those who have had the courage to support us in our desire to achieve the challenges set before us. 

I hope you enjoy the story.

Sincerely yours

Richard Wood.                                                                                  Next >>>