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News from the route


"Ukraine" has been returned to New Fairfield, CT., where repairs and refit will begin


On August 13th Theodore arrived in New York and the next day he and his brother Peter, who lives in New Fairfield, Connecticut, drove to Atlantic Highlands, NJ., where Kemal Goksel from Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club welcomed them and handed Teddy back his trailer, that he had been taking care of since Teddy's departure from Manhattan Sailing Club on July 2nd.
With the trailer, the brothers moved on to New Bedford, Mass., where they met Mr. Miller, the owner of F/V 'Rose Marie'. Mr. Miller took them to his ship, that was still at the port with "Ukraine" on the deck, and Teddy - for the first time since July 12th, the day when his boat had been cast adrift, - was able to see her and reconstruct the whole picture of what his boat had been through during those three last weeks at sea.
The hook in the bow for towing was torn away - most probably it happened when USS Doyle was trying to tow it. The rest of the damage she must have got during attempts to lift her at sea by either of two ships, that tried to do it; and by the ropes, that she was tied with to the fishing equipment at sea.
Somebody made an attempt to lift her putting ropes under wooden brackets, where aluminium rails for sliding seat were attached. To imagine the weight of a fully loaded boat, with food, water ballast, batteries, all the gear and equipment - and an inch wide bracket with round holes, glued to the deck It was torn out!
The boat was dropped at least once - the cabin has a massive crack and big giro-antenna of Thrane&Thrane Sat phone is just cut off, as if while falling down, the boat lost it by scrapping her way along the hull of a ship.
Regretfully all the equipment, that was not fixed, and all personal belongings of Theodore have been removed. Three different crews have visited Ukraine since Theodore left her. In no way we would like to make anybody feel bad about it, but it's a pity, that those who have taken equipment, most probably had no idea of what all that meant for Teddy (who's plan is to start from New York again next year), unlike the fishermen, who found Emmanuel Coindre's boat - in this case nothing was removed from his boat.

Well, all this is just to prove one more time an obvious fact - the biggest danger for any ocean rowboat comes from land and/or from an approaching ship.

The most important thing by far is to have the ocean rowboat back - that's what really matters! Sincere thanks to all those who have spent their time and effort to make it happen for Teddy!!!

It took a couple of hours, with the help of the crew and the Captain Arthur Wilkinson of F/V 'Rose Marie', before "Ukraine" was safely placed on the trailer. Happy Teddy and Peter thanked all those involved in retrieving of "Ukraine" and set out on their way back to New Fairfield, CT.

See pictures of "Ukraine" in New Bedford here >>>



The ocean rowboat Ukraine has been found!!!


August 4, 2003. ORS London

"Ukraine" onboard fishing boat Rose Marie is scheduled to arrive New Bedford, Mass., August 11.

 ORS takes this opportunity to sincerely thank the owner, Captain and crew of the fishing boat Rose Marie for all their efforts in bringing back to land the ocean rowboat that Teddy thought he had lost forever.

This news reached Teddy today while he was in American Embassy, Kiev, getting his visa to go to the States to pick up his boat. The text answer, that we got on the mobile phone,  was "Spasibo bolshoye!!!!!!!!!"  which means 'Thank you very much!' in Russian.

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July 21, 2003. Pentagon

Official US Navy Statement

"According to U.S. Coast Guard First District, the Coast Guard issued a safety marine information broadcast to warn mariners of the adrift rowboat.
In the broadcast, the Coast Guard asked for volunteers willing to search for and recover the rowboat if possible". 

August 2, 2003. ORS London

Fishing boat "Atlanta" from New Bedford found ocean rowboat Ukraine off Cape Cod Mass. and tied her up to some fishing apparatus, as shown below.


Photo by Cary Lofland

It was at that point that she was spotted by pilot Chan Lofland, who was overflying the zone in search for "Lady Bird" of Emmanuel Coindre.
ORS immediately chartered fishing boat "Sandala" crewed by George and David Hitchcock from Cape Cod, that went to the site of where "Ukraine" was tied up. From there  they reported that they saw "Ukraine" on the deck of the  fishing boat "Rose Marie" from New Bedford. All efforts of "Sandala", Coast Guard and ORS to reach "Rose Marie" were so far unsuccessful.

 ORS contacted  fishing boat Atlanta owners' company to thank them for securing the ocean rowboat "Ukraine", and when asked if we owe owner or the crew anything for their efforts, Cheryl at the front office said: "No, honey, you don't owe us a thing. I just hope that young man gets his boat back".

ORS thanks  pilot Chan Lofland, his wife Cary Lofland and plane owner John Ambroult of Cape Cod for photos of "Ukraine",  and all those involved in - for their efforts re retrieval.

 The sponsors of Theodore Rezvoy have agreed to pay  for recovery of the boat, as well as travel expenses of Theodore, who has left Odessa en route to New Bedford to retrieve his ocean rowboat Ukraine.



Theodore Rezvoy: facts regarding my interrupted row and loss of my boat


Theodore at the offices of Explorersweb.com >>>  New York City, July 14


Ocean Rowing Society

July 13, London.
Tomorrow, 14th of July 10am EDT, Theodore will present to the Consul General of Ukraine in New York a detailed report of events that led to the loss of his boat and his arrival at Salem, Massachusetts. The report will  be posted on this website .

After the meeting with Consul General Theodore will visit the offices of Explorersweb.com in New York to give them an  interview regarding his recent row.



From Theodore Rezvoy.

Salem, Massachusetts, July 11th 2003

 I am an ocean rower.

I take full responsibility for all my actions at sea in my ocean rowboat .

The brave crew of the U.S. Navy ship Doyle,  who were on patrol 200 miles offshore, came up on my VHF radio on July 10th and that started a series of events that ended with the loss of my ocean rowboat and my personally ending up in Salem Massachusetts.

You will understand my utter disappointment at finding myself in this position.

However, my spirit is not broken and I intend to reach my goal next year starting on June 06th 2004 from New York.


Ocean Rowing Society

July 11, 7.30 GMT

We were informed by Duty officer at USS Coastguard Station in Boston Chief Padley:

"Theodore Rezvoy is on Board "USS Doyle" and will arrive Salem Massachusetts later today. His ocean rowboat was left adrift"

At this time ORS has no information as to what event occurred that resulted in the end of the Atlantic row of Theodore. The last contact we had was at 12.20GMT yesterday, the following two expected sat phone contacts did not connect.
We will post news when available.



The following text is partially via computer translation program, so expect some minor inaccuracies.
For original text in Russian
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Theodore departed July 2nd at 11:05 a.m. EDT (15:05 GMT)

Click here to watch Teddy rowing out into NY harbour
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For daily despatches ( Eng., Rus.) go to www.explorersweb.com/ex017



 Photo by Mikhail Kaliteevsky.

July 10

" Yesterday almost all the day long I enjoyed excellent weather - both the wind and current were helping me, the sun was shining, and all was calm and peaceful. But at night the situation has sharply changed, and now both the wind and current push me west. The whole today I tried to battle for my miles, but I couldn't stop that drift to the South, which was not the worst thing after all; and then the east wind started to blow, which was not desirable at all, and  pushed me to the West . I used all  reserves of sea anchors available onboard, but they appeared to be not of great help. Will have to make up for the lost miles as soon as "normal"  western  wind comes back ".

According to forecast the given situation should not last long - already tomorrow it is possible to expect the change of wind for western which will hold on couple of days and will change for southwest, which will keep stably till July 14-th. Theodore planned to keep course southeast - in this direction he would faster enter the Gulf Stream. But as the nature brings the corrective amendments, Theodore will change his initial course and will follow the wind - this way the distance to Gulf Stream is a little bit longer, but with a fair wind it is possible to overcome it quicker and more easy.
Despite of this not an ordered stop in his wonderfully fast progress (last days average daily speed of "Ukraine" was 52 miles!), Teddy's morale is quite up and he is ready to fight. May be because today he could have a good long talk with his wife and son (thanks to B.D. !!!); so tomorrow with fresh strength - and inspiration! - back to oars to gain the lost mileage.

Forecast for Friday: SE WIND 15 TO 20 KT...BECOMING W 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS BUILDING



July 9

Small whales swam up toward me, but didn't approach close. And a dolphins' family  emerged next to my boat, I rushed to  cabin for the camera, and had time to photograph themwith the cover on!
They did not give the second chance to me - have dived under the boat and swam away

And in general there is no one here to pay us any attention :).

In the afternoon I was shocked by a double gun shot - in the silence of ocean, with zero presence of any Homo Sapience ( besides me, of course:) ) up to foreseeable horizon! And the impression was, that the source of the shot was situated some 200 metres behind me. I examined the sky and detected the originator - a Concord! In few seconds it has crossed the sky and disappeared My God, on what speed it has covered the distance, to overcome which I will need days and days"

Evening contact.

The wind has changed from West to North and has become stronger, but I manage not to drift south, and, by steering, gradually still move east.

Weather forecast for Thursday, July 10: N WIND AROUND 10 KT...BECOMING SE 10 TO 15 KT. SEAS 1 TO 2 FT.



July 8
"This morning it was not so easy for me to get up, though it's much more comfortable  to sleep in this boat than in the previous one : softer ( better mattress) , more space and more air.
I didn't want to eat anything for breakfast, but ate a full dinner today. I have a new dish in my stock ( something I didn't try in 2001) - pork in sweet & sour sauce with rice and vegetables - just delicious! With bamboo sprouts and chunks of pine-apple"

Either Teddy is the sort of person, who is trying to see the bright side of things, or he is just lucky to like freeze-dried "Mountain House" food. I say "lucky", because there are some rowers (good thing - not many), who do not like it, and it is very important to enjoy food during such a voyage as ocean rowing is. When you are going to have not a big variety of activity on board for months and months, your meal has to become a joyful daily event to be awaited with pleasure; the occasion to have a rest "for body and soul".

"A lot of rowing until the afternoon - wind was rather week; but it became stronger later and I afforded myself to have a short nap. Then - brewed up and back to oars. As long as I can add anything to the speed of our progress, I have to row and I do row - simple as this: Well, tired a bit...".



July 7
Right now Kemal informed us that Theodore has left the main shipping way behind, so he may relax at last and even have some proper sleep.
The telephone contact with Theodore this morning made us glad - Teddy sounded quite bright and cheerful: he had slept , though intermitently, but well; for breakfast he had a pot of pasta, drank tea and ate freeze-dried ice-cream for desert.

 We cannot help but compare it with the state he was in after the departure during his first row. Then he could not get asleep normal way for at least two weeks; and that deprivation of sleep multiplied by not eating for six days and not drinking for couple of days, - put him into a state, that made us only wonder, where from he was getting strength not only to go on, but to row into the bargain.
  "This time I've got adapted surprisingly quickly, I am already in a good shape -both physical and psychological. Well, talking about physical - may be it's not true for early morning, 'cause when I start rowing it takes me some time to stretch and warm  the muscles up. But its ok and after then all goes smoothly.
Good following wind, boat is surfing easily, water is just lovely - well, nothing else to dream about! If only it could last all the way long!: Ok, ok, I know it won't, but the joy of being here has come back and I like it! "



July 6

  "Yesterday I put my oars into water again, rowed out from Marina Atlantic Highlands up to the Northern end of Sandy Hook, then turned East, and boat was immediately taken up by moderate breeze. That's what I had been waiting for! Perfect weather - West wind 10-15 knots.
  A yacht with my dear new friends was following me for several hours to make sure I am not getting into any trouble: "Big Friends Of Ocean Rowers"- Misha Kaliteevsky and Kemal Goksel, - and an oceanrower his own self - John Zeigler with his girl-friend Kim, - were on board of her.
  I was leaving a hospitable land with sadness and the most warm feelings towards these wonderful people, who had devoted so much time, energy, creative thought and just too great to be repaid sound friendly support to me. Thank you, friends!!!!!!

  Today I was entertained by a lot of balloons, surrounding my boats the whole way long. They must have been carried away from  land and were floating all around the bay. I have even picked up a whole sheaf.

  Didn't feel like eating anything, though tried and managed a bit of small salami and some freeze-dried ice-cream. The good news - I CAN think about food and its not a bad sign. And I am able to drink, which is good as well".

The strategy of the moment for Teddy is to do his best to go as fast as possible beyond the main shipping ways. For this purpose he will row with short breaks for sleep, may be not even going inside, until he is in a relatively safe area. A hard task, but such a spurt is crucial right now: he has to take benefit of every moment of favourable wind.

We can judge from his voice how tired he isThis extreme load at the stage of leaving  land and then approaching it, is the price solo rowers are to pay for their refuse to share the space in their boats with a team-mate. Its much easier for a team of two to control the boat in difficult situation, to row in shifts and etc. etc. etcBut those, who have already crossed an ocean solo, would hardly think of doing it different way, in double. Theodore is a convinced soloist. Even when preparing for his first row he would never give a thought for changing the number of the crew onboard, saying nothing about the current project.

And wind is with him! - if it is considered that a speed of 2 knots is a good average speed for an ocean rowboat, you can imagine the feelings of a rower, when his boat is gaining 3-4 knots! Row, row, row!


July 5

As you know Teddy left Atlantic Highlands at 11:19 local Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on July 5th. Relatives of Frank Samuelsen, Alicia Robertson and her mother were also at the dock to send him off.

I accompanied him in my boat along with John Zeigler, his girl friend Kim and Misha [ Kaliteevsky]. Kim turned out to be a sun block lotion distributor, so she brought 50 grade sun tan lotion and sun burn relief creams for Teddy. (I think somebody is watching over him).


He rowed well against a 1 knot current and light wind to Sandy Hook as planned. As we passed the Sandy Hook Coast Guard station, two Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol boats joined us and they were on hand to make sure Teddy did not get into trouble rounding Sandy Hook. They were ready to help in case he drifted on land. They stayed with him until he cleared Sandy Hook. We were very pleased with the Coast Guard's attentiveness.

At 14:00 EDT Teddy was off the northern point of Sandy Hook just in time to take advantage of the outgoing current. We saw some porpoises by Sandy Hook (indication of good luck).

I plotted a course for him leading him to the centre of the separation zone between the two lanes of Ambrose to Hudson Canyon traffic lanes (130 degrees magnetic).

Photo by Kemal Goksel


 He followed this course comfortably with the wind and current behind him. He picked up speed and was moving close to 4 knots by 15:00 EDT. Position: 40 deg 28.27' N ; 73 deg 57.44' W.

He was in good spirits and rowing comfortably. Shipping traffic was light due to the holiday weekend.
A couple of ships appeared to alter course when they noticed us. Perhaps a good indication "Sea Me" radar target enhancer is working well.

At 17:00, his position was 40deg 25.67'N; 73deg 49.99' W. By then, he had rowed past the infamous triangle where ships cross lanes and are advised to use pilots. He was almost at the intersection of the orthogonal line from Ambrose light intersecting his course. He planned to take a little rest before sun down and then continue rowing. We were sad to leave him but were very happy with the day's progress. The weather and the rowing conditions could not have been any better and seems it will continue for the next 2-3 days.

We returned to motor back the 15 miles to Atlantic Highlands--we were in the marina at 20:30 EDT.
On the way. we saw one cruise ship leaving New York and heading for where we left Teddy; but then he changed course and took the northern Nantucket traffic lane.

 On the down side, Kim dropped John's camera in the ocean after we left Teddy. We lost some pictures but figured we had to give up something for all the good luck we had.

Best regards,

Kemal Goksel



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