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Theodore Rezvoy

was born May 29th 1968 in Odessa, Ukraine.
Married to Lyudmila, their son Dimitriy 6 year old.

Education Institute of Fine Arts Odessa;
Diploma in advanced sailing courses.

From 1986 till 1988 served as private in the Soviet Army (Army Air Force)

Working experience

From 7 years old was a child-actor in several films of Odessa Film Studio;
his teenage were spent every summer working in geological expeditions in the mountains of the Pamirs (North-Western part of the Himalayas);
after graduating from the Institute he was in set-design at Odessa Film Studio and later - in commercial computer design.

Sporting experience

Mountaineering, skiing, martial arts, archery, tennis, volley-ball.
Horse-riding and rowing - since 3 years old, due to "geological childhood" with his father-geologist and sea-side location of his native city of Odessa, with family summer cottage and his own boat "Ryzhyk" ("Red-haired"/ "Ginger") at the Dnestrovsky Liman (Dnestr-river Estuary) - "the ocean of his childhood".


Growing up in the family of geologists, biologists and artists, and, maybe, by inheriting genes of nine generations of the Rezvoys - explorers and generals, serving Tsar's of Russia of 1800s ,- Theodore was destined to be imbued with the air of adventure. In 1992 he first learnt about Peter Bird's row from his uncle, Ivan Rezvoy, who was part of the team of support for Peter's project in Russia.
Since 2000 Theodore took over the web-site  as a web-master - responsibility, handed down to him by site's creator, Tom Lynch.
orking for The Ocean Rowing Society enabled Theodore to be involved in oceanrowing directly.

Previous row

In 2001 Theodore successfully rowed The Atlantic ocean from East to West, from La Gomera to Barbados in 67 days 6 hrs 35 min, thus becoming the first from the Former Soviet Union to row an Ocean.

After the crossing he has been honoured with numerous awards and titles

Holder of the Order "For Courage" 3rd Class
Honoured Master of Sports of Ukraine
Honourable Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
Honourable Golden Badge of Odessa State Government
Winner of the annual Municipal Action "Man of the Year"
The highest award from The Party of Greens of Ukraine - " The Golden Sunflower"
Honoured member of the Association of Sea Captains of Odessa
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society UK (the first Ukrainian)