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Theodore Rezvoy

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The Rower

Theodore Rezvoy was born May 29th 1968 in Odessa, Ukraine
Education: Institute of Fine Arts Odessa;  - Diploma in advanced sailing courses
From 1986 till 1988 served as private in the Soviet Army (Army Airforce)

Working experience: geological expeditions in the mountains of the Pamirs,

set-design at Odessa Film Studio, computer design.
Since 2000 Theodore is web-master of the Ocean Rowing Society.

Sporting experience: mountaineering, martial arts, archery, tennis, volley-ball, etc.
Started horse-riding when 3 years old, and took up rowing shortly afterwards.

The Route

An East to West solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean
From Canary Islands ( La Gomera, where Columbus departed from)
 to West Indies (Barbados).

The distance (as crow flies) - 2934 miles (4722 km) (2550n/m)
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The Ocean Rowboat

"ODESSA", a boat made of marine plywood coated with epoxy resin. The boat is 23 feet long, 6 feet wide and weights approximately 2000 pounds laden.
Designed by Phil Morrison and Peter Rowsell of Exmouth, 
built by Peter Hogden and Neil Hitt for the first Port St. Charles 
Trans-Atlantic Rowing race of 1997 ("Hospiscare")

Boat is designed to be self-righting

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