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Teddy has left the Island... for Perth

ORS HQ, London August 29, 2005

Today, August 29th at 16.40GMT Theodore arrived on the 'National Jet' plane from Cocos to Perth enroute to London.

Teddy has a bad shoulder, and he cannot row on.
It happened on the 4th - 5th day after the start, but he managed to make it as far as the Cocos Islands
That is one of the reasons ( besides natural curiosity and chance to resupply water) why he stopped in Cocos - he hoped by staying on the island for a short break his shoulder would get better. He would not announce it, being reluctant to mention any "health problem", but it hasn't improved any.
He got it when he rowed solo into Barbados in 2001, it took him many hours to round the North Point, fighting strong South-East wind, and coming ashore he could hardly move his arm. But within time this problem seemingly went away. Alas, it has returned.
The express he was on 1400 miles in 20 days in constant 20 - 30 knot winds meant he was always pulling to keep the boat headed at least some west.

Naturally Theodore is greatly disappointed with this outcome. He has covered one third of the route, the toughest leg, with August winds, which according to statistics are the strongest of the year.
At the end, desperate as he is, he has to face the reality that he cannot go on because of this problem. Added to this IF he carried on and had to be rescued he would most likely loose the boat and in his mind his family name would be tarnished

Four days ago Pavel Rezvoy (Teddy's father and the oldest oceanrower) returned to London from Australia; previously he saw Teddy off from Carnarvon and then repaired damage to Russian twins' boat in Perth.
When Pavel heard the news he offered ORS that he would substitute Theodore and row on from the Cocos to Africa. 'The Rezvoy name is at stake, I will finish the row'.
Teddy has accepted the offer.
"Ukraine" has to cross the Indian Ocean, even if its not me who will make it to the other shore"
, he said.

Pavel is in London making arrangements to fly to Perth on September 4th and then to Cocos Island on September 8th, from where he will leave to row the Indian Ocean to African Coast. For Pavel it's not only a matter of 'family honour' - no doubt its the opportunity of adventure on the high seas, that he was dreaming to go on with since his Atlantic/Caribbean row last year.

Theodore's approach to Cocos (Keeling) Islands.
Updates from
Steve Szabo, Cocos Police, Australian Federal Police. Aug 22 - 23 2005

00:47GMT (7:17am local time) Teddy is safe and well at anchor within the Cocos lagoon.
Steve Szabo

22:22GMT (4:52am local time)
Teddy has made good progress along West coast. There was a dangerous shallow point he had to get around. Large breaking waves. Getting him back to coast now. No immediate problem, arranging mooring. Will assist with other vessels if required.

18:40GMT (1:10am local time)
All going well. Teddy has nearly cleared the southern end of the atoll and will try and move north into the lee soon. Talking to him every 20 minutes or so.

17:20GMT (23:50 local time)
at this time Teddy is happy to progress himself to the western side of the atoll from where we can later guide him into the anchorage. We will continue to monitor his progress to ensure that he does not run into trouble and can in fact row himself to the sheltered side of the islands.

16:39GMT (23:09 local time)
We have made contact with Theodore. It appears that he will now pass to the south of the atoll and he will try and move north along the lee of the atoll to allow a safer rendezvous point. We are currently monitoring his drift and ability to move toward the lee(West side of the atoll).

He has advised that it is not an emergency however he states that he will need a tow into the anchorage. We will assess his need as he progresses and arrange for a suitable vessel to meet him if required.

Do you have any other information that we need? Is there a towing point on the vessel?

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