The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records



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A. False.

The correct answer is:
The first to row any ocean solo was John Fairfax (GB) on board Britannia
Departed January 20 1969 from San Agustin, Grand Canaria, landed on July 19 1969 at Hollywood Beach (USA Florida)

Tom McClean (GB) on board Super Silver departed May 17 1969 from St Johns, Newfoundland Canada, and arrived on July 27 1969 to Blacksod Bay, Ireland.
He was the second to row an ocean solo, though the first to row the Atlantic West to East, finishing his row 8 days later after Fairfax.

B. False.

The correct answer is:
The first British Pair ever to win a race were Michael Perrens and Christopher Morgan in ORSAAR 2004 on board Carpe Diem, whose crossing time is 48days 6h 36 min ( the crossing time of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell is 49d 19h 08min)
FYI The same year Michael Perrens with Frank Gargan rowed the Atlantic E to W in 40days 17h 28min, becoming the fastest European Pair.

C. False.

The correct answer is:
The first to row across the Pacific solo was Peter Bird (GB) on board Hele-on-Britannia. He departed on August 23 1982 from San Francisco California, USA and completed his row on June 14 1983 at Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Jim Shekhdar (GB) rowed across the Pacific solo on board Le Shark 18 years later. Departed on June 29 2000 from Ilo, Peru and arrived to N. Stradbroke Island, Australia on March 30 2001. Previously this route (South Pacific) was rowed by the late Curtis Saville and his wife Kathleen Saville (USA) on board Excalibur - from Callao, Peru, via Galapagos Islands and via Marquises Islands to Cairns, Australia, in 1984 - 1985.

D. True.
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