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Stein HOFF

Atlantic E – W double + Atlantic E - W solo

Norway Star Atlantic  2938 October 12 1997 December 20 1997 69d 6hr Los Gigantes
Tenerife Canary Islands
West Indies
Stein Hoff Norway Star Atlantic II 4342 August 10 2002 November 14 2002 96days
12h 45min
Lisbon, Portugal Parika Georgetown Guyana

Trans-Atlantic Solo Row from USA to Europe 2016


The Project:

The plan is to row alone, non-stop, without accompanying vessel or other forms of physical assistance from Battery Park, Manhattan, New York to Hugh Town, St Mary, Isles of Scilly, UK, starting Sunday 15thMay 2016.

Position at start is 40°42’N, 74°01’W, at the finish 49°55’N, 06’19W.

In between is the open North Atlantic ocean, the distance travelled will be between 2500 and 3000 nautical miles, i.e. between 4600 and 5500 kilometer or 2900 and 3500 miles. Estimated time will be approximately 90 days.

The reason for choosing this particular route is to copy and commemorate the achievement of the two Norwegian-American seamen and fishermen Georg Harbo and Gabriel ("Frank") Samuelsen, in 1896. They took 55 days and became the first people ever to row across a major ocean. It was a huge achievement. Harbo and Samuelsen flew the American flag on their 18 foot open dory named «Fox» . (Named after Editor Richard K. Fox of the New York newspaper «National Police Gazette».) 

 It took 70 years before anyone else undertook a similar trip and thereby started modern ocean rowing in 1966. But no Norwegian has rowed the Atlantic from west to east in modern times. I would like to be the first to do so, do it alone, and at the same time creating interest in Harbo  & Samuelsen’s great achievement 120 years earlier.


My Qualifications:

I have already rowed twice across the Atlantic Ocean:

First in 1997 in 22’ long “Star Atlantic” with Arvid Bentsen, from Tenerife to Barbados in 69 days, as part of Atlantic Rowing Race, the first rowing regatta across an ocean. Secondly I have rowed alone, non-stop and unsupported in 2002 in “Star Atlantic II” from Lisbon, Portugal to Parika (near Georgetown) in Guyana in 97 days, the first row from the continent of Europe to the continent of South America.

I have sailed around the world with my wife and children in our 39’ yacht «Red Admiral» 1977-1982 and have also sailed several times across the Atlantic later, most recently summer 2014 from the Bahamas to Norway in our 42’ catamaran “White Admiral”. 

I am an old competitive rower, being a Senior Scottish Champion when I studied medicine in Glasgow (1964-70), also Senior Norwegian Champion in the 1970’s. I am still active as a Master (veteran) rower and have many victories in Norway and abroad, mostly in single- and double-sculls, in 2015 also in coxed eights, as well as indoor on Concept II rowing machines.


I was born in 1945 and will be nearly 71 when I leave New York, but I am in good shape and excellent health, like to train and have every chance of succeeding.

And I have more knowledge of the ocean - especially the Atlantic Ocean - than most men...

Professionally I have been a medical doctor since 1970 and have specialized in Internal Medicine. Although I am now at retirement age I still work two days a week at the Cardiology out-patient clinic at Drammen sykehus.



 I have bought a suitable 23’ rowing boat that  has been used previously for two Atlantic crossings in the more southerly route from east to west, from Canary Islands to the Caribbean. 

The boat is professionally built in glass-fibre in England in 2009, is well equipped and in good repair, has two rowing positions and will be renamed Fox II (in honour of Harbo & Samuelsen).

On board will be an electric water-maker (and a manual back-up), food for at least 110 days (mainly freeze-dried food), standard safety equipment, included life raft, automatic position transmitter, VHF-radio and satellite telephone.

Reports will be sent daily by e-mail or over telephone,
and you can follow me on my Facebook page: Stein Hoff - Atlantic Row 2016  (English and Norwegian)


E-mail: SteinHoff


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