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Last update Feb 2020
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Completed Ocean Rows By Physically Disabled Ocean Rowers


Route / Team

Name & Surname


Country Boat Name

Miles Rowed(Statute)

Departure Date

Arrival Date

Days at Sea

Departure Port Arrival Port
Atlantic E-W
Solo Adaptive
Stuart Boreham cerebral palsy UK Macmillan Spirit


November 15 2003 March 03 2004  109d 12h 9m Playa Santiago,
La Gomera, Spain
Port St. Charles,
Atlantic E-W
All-Amputee Pair

Frank Bruno  

single amputee FR Bout de Vie


November 30 2005 January 23 2006 54d 3h 31m San Sebastian,
La Gomera, Spain
Dominique Benassi single amputee
Atlantic E-W
Adaptive Pair
Frank Festor single amputee FR

Row of Life


December 2 2007 February 7 2008 66d 23h 24m San Sebastian,
La Gomera, Spain
Angela Madsen paraplegic US
Indian E-W
in team of
Mixed Eight
Angela Madsen paraplegic US 

Aud Eamus


April 28 2009 June 25 2009 58d 15h 8m Geraldton, Western Australia Port Louis, Mauritius
Around GB
in team of

Mixed 4
Angela Madsen paraplegic US


 Seagals in Go



June 1 2010 July 23 2010 51d 16h 42m London, Tower Bridge London, Tower Bridge
Atlantic E-W
in team of
Mixed Six
Rory MacKenzie single amputee UK Row2Recovery



December 5 2011

January 25 2012

50d 23h 12m


San Sebastian, La Gomera PSC, Barbados
Will Dixon single amputee
Neil Heritage double amputee
Carl Anstey single amputee
Atlantic E-W
in team of
Mixed Sixteen
Angela Madsen paraplegic  US  Big Blue


January 15 2011 March 4 2011

47d 18h

Tarfaya, Morocco PSC, Barbados
Atlantic E-W
in team of
Mixed Four
Cayle Royce double amputee UK Row2Recovery


Dec 4 2013 January 21 2014

48d 9h 13m 30s

La Gomera, Spain Antigua
Scott Blaney single amputee
Mid-Pacific E-W
in team of

Mixed Pair

Angela Madsen Paraplegic US Spirit of Orlando



May 21 2014 July 20 2014 60d 5h 5m Long Beach, CA. USA Hawaii
Atlantic E-W
All-Amputee Four
Cayle Royce MBE Double amputee UK Row2Recovery -



Dec 20 2015 February 4 2016 46d 6h 49m La Gomera, Spain Antigua
Lee Spencer  Single amputee
Paddy Gallagher Single amputee
Nigel Rogoff Single Amputee
Atlantic E-W
Solo Adaptive
Kelda Wood Restricted movement in her left leg UK Storm Petrel / Row to Raise 2934 Dec 12, 2018 Feb 27 2019 4:12GMT 76d 15hrs 37 min La Gomera, Spain Antigua
Atlantic E-W
Solo A
Lee Spencer Single amputee UK  The Rowing Marine 3639 Jan 9 2019 12:00UTC March 11 2019 04:06UTC 60d 16hrs 06min Portimao, Portugal Cayenne, French Guyana