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Thanks for the assistance in the preparation of the project in Australia and re-supply attempts:
 to friends of ORS in Perth: ocean rower David MitchellDenis Bennett of the Indian Ocean Shipping Agency,
 Kristina and Dennis Soloshenko - for their valued help as " team of support"  of the project
Special thanks to Stuart Walton, General Manager of Royal Perth Yacht Club, for berthing and lifting facilities and for the club's generous hospitality;
Simon & Nadia Hall (Royal Perth Yacht Club) and yachtsmen Toby Williams, John Chambel and Cecily McKail
(Carnarvon Yacht Club) - for their kind assistance

Team Rescued!!!

May 16 2005  11:20GMT   RCC Australia

11:11GMT Euro Viking advises that they retrieved both rowers and their vessel !!!

May 16 2005  09:35GMT   ORS HQ
Sergey just telephone ORS HQ
He said: 'the Cape Island is moving away from us, what does it mean?'
We called RCC and ask what was happening and they then spoke to the Cape Island whose Radio officer said '
We are too high freeboard to pick them up being as Euro Viking headed for Fremantle is nearby it will be easier for them than it is for us to pick the crew up. (The Euro Viking is a Norwegian ship).
It is reported by twins that their VHF is not working, no doubt the Cape Island tried to tell them what was going on but without VHF could not communicate this point.

Euro Viking - Yara Ship
Captain Martin Venn


May 16 2005  08:00GMT   ORS HQ
In satphone call with Sergey he said that Cape Island is alongside them and they have been instructed to row around to the other side of the ship in order that the ship can itself act as a wind breaker. Sergey said that the waves are quite high and its enormously difficult to row but they are going to do their utmost to follow the instructions

May 16 2005  07:50GMT   ORS HQ
During satphone contact with ORS "K" Line ship Cape Island came up on VHF channel 16 of ocean rowboat RUS. To our surprise we overheard this and could hear Russian being spoken by someone onboard Cape Island.

May 16 2005  06:00GMT   ORS HQ
RCC Australia currently running a mayday relay msg to shipping in area. They have diverted two merchant vessels under foreign flags to the distress location. The first vessel will arrive on scene at 08:00 GMT on 16 May.

ORS has been told by Indian Ocean Shipping Company Director Denis Bennett, that the first ship to respond to the call is "K" Line (Japan) bulk carrier Cape Island , heading to Dunkirque, France.

May 16 2005  01:15GMT   ORS HQ
 At 01:15GMT the twins on board RUS have activated their 406 EPIRB,
RCC Australia is in the process of finding a ship to respond to their request that they are wanting to be picked up.
At 3.30GMT we spoke again to the twins and their situation remains as last reported:
they are not in need of medical help, they have food and water to last as long as it takes to arrange for them to be picked up.

May 15 2005 23:50GMT    ORS HQ
 At 23.50GMT May 15th Tatiana (ORS) received a phone call from Sergey Sinelnik on board ocean rowboat RUS,
he said: 'the weather is worsening, we realize in such weather we do not expect a ship can pick up our boat, we have come to the decision that there is no other way for us than to declare we are in distress'.
We (Tatiana) spoke to them for several minutes and she is in no doubt that they are ready now to leave the boat and that now they want to be picked up at the earliest opportunity.
We want to state that they are in no immediate danger and no medical assistance is needed, they have food and water enough until a ship reaches them.
The twins are wearing life jackets and they are attached to the boat, they have been instructed to monitor Channel 16 and to have flares handy.

May 15 2005
To: Lynn Walton
Senior Search & Rescue Officer AusSAR
Re the situation on board ocean rowboat RUS.

As far as the desalinator of sea water went out of order shortly after the start of the voyage and now one of the twin- brothers Sinelnik suffers a progressing pain in the joint of his left shoulder [he had broken it one year ago during his  around-the-world trip on motorcycle], the brothers have now came to decision to stop their crossing of the Indian Ocean.
The situation now is not critical and brothers are capable and willing  to stay with the boat for the next 10 days, therefore we are looking for possibility to save their boat. It means we are seeking assistance from passing by ship, capable to pick up the rowers and their boat.
We do understand that we are requesting ‘salvage’ and we will ask the ORS to negotiate it on our behalf.
Brothers still have, as of this date, 70 litres of water on board which will help them to last for at least the next 10 days.
If no offer is forthcoming from a ship capable to lift the boat on board within this period, then the situation will graduate into a distress and the rescue of the twins will override any wish to save the rowboat.
If there comes an offer from a ship capable to lift the boat we will take this first offer of assistance without further discussion what kind of ship it is, what country it belongs and what shore it sails to.
With respect  and thanks for your kind assistance and concern.

On behalf of the team of brothers Sinelnik
Timur Ibatullin,
Team Leader of the project “RUS”

May 13 2005  18:52
E-mail from ORS to RCC Australia
Duty Officer.

As your file re ocean rowboat RUS will show, for the last week 10 days at least we have been doing our best to find a way to charter a yacht that could deliver a replacement watermaker to ocean rowboat 'RUS' . Despite great efforts of ORS' friends in Fremantle, Perth and Carnarvon we have been unable to find any yacht that is ready to make such delivery, also the water maker itself was delayed and arrived in Perth only today.
I now feel that it is not likely we are going to find a ship that will leave Perth within a few days from now headed to where the twins are.
Therefore I have now come to the conclusion that it is NOT going to be possible to replace the watermaker. In this case they cannot make it to Africa without a replacement watermaker.
Reading an earlier email from your office may we revisit an idea previously put forward?
That is, are you still in a position to enquire of any ship that will be in the area of 'RUS' in the next week to have them and their boat picked up and taken to any shore.
The reality as I see it is that we might get lucky and a ship is willing to respond, if we are really lucky it will be a Russian ship. The twins are able to offer some modest expenses toward such effort.
In conclusion on behalf of the crew of ocean rowboat RUS and with their full knowledge I respectfully request that you try to identify any ship that is willing to proceed to the position of the ocean rowboat with the intention of picking up 2 crew members and I ocean rowboat 23 feet long 5 feet wide weight 1 ton. I believe that the crew have water enough for 8 - 10 days hence.

Note: in the event that a ship is able to assist we will provide 20 positions a day via the Argos sat tracking programme and the twins have a sat phone.

Thank you for your consideration of this matter

best regards
May 13 2005  14:21
E-mail from ORS to RCC Australia
Duty Officer.

We have now been reliably informed that the yacht of the Variety Club we were hoping might be able to assist us in the delivery of the watermaker, does not have range to make it to the oceanrowers and back.
We have been talking with the team of support of the twins in Moscow and it is decided that Timur Ibatullin, the Team Leader, will fly from Moscow at the first opportunity to Cocos and Keeling Islands in the hopes/expectation that he can arrange for a yacht from there to do the re-supply.
As soon as we know his schedule we will let you know.
We are still maintaining our daily contact with the twins and they are aware and approve of this change in plan.
They are NOT in need of any assistance at this time.

May 10 2005

The watermaker on board RUS has inexplicably stopped working. Katadyn Switzerland very kindly has sent a replacement watermaker to Australia. ORS is working with the Sinelniks' team of support in Moscow and with RCC Canberra to try to arrange for a yacht/ship to take replacement unit to them. Right now the twins are in no danger. We are in daily satellite phone contact with them.

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