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sector_home.gif (1688 bytes)              Peggy Bouchet is part of the Sector "No Limits Team"

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May 27..."This afternoon Peggy Bouchet on board Sector No Limits activated her Argos Beacon and sent an emergency signal. Chrisophe Hebert from Columbia River was in Guadellope when he recieved this information and he immediately chartered a plane and proceeded to the last known position. At first Christophe did not see Peggy but then he saw a flare. This meant Peggy was safe. Christophe flew around Peggy for 2 hours until a second plane arrived and with great skill was able to drop a life raft close to Peggy. She was seen to get into the life raft. A freighter has been dispatched to her position which is 80 miles from Guadeloupe and will stand by "  Gerard d'Aboville       

June 8: Peggy is now home in France having a well deserved rest; you may e-mail her at


     Sector No Limits: Peggy Bouchet from Evian, France attempts to be the first woman to row an ocean solo; after 80days and over 3300 miles at sea Peggy is forced to abandon her boat and is rescued at sea.

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Peggy's Progress   Maps and daily position record
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The challenge of Gerard d'Aboville (Pacific Ocean rowing cross in 1992)
remains one of the greatest challenges of the decade. SECTOR Sport Watches,
sponsor of Gerard d'Aboville, are proud to have participated in the event.
Today they are happy to include Peggy Bouchet as part of the SECTOR NO
LIMITS TEAM thanks to G. d'Aboville who introduced SECTOR to her.

Since the epic first ocean row in 1896 of the two Norwegians, Harbo and
Samuelson, only a few rowers (either solo, double or with a crew) have rowed
across the Atlantic Ocean.

18 months of preparation have been necessary for Peggy to become the first
woman to attempt to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.

Although this challenge will certainly be physical and require endurance,
tenacity and mental discipline will prevail.

The Route
The Boat
Life on Board