PEGGY BOUCHET

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She was born the 6th of June 1973 in Evian (France). Though a native of the
mountains, Peggy Bouchet has a passion for an equally demanding environment:
the sea.

The practice of sports like Judo and Skiing has given her a stubborn and
competitive character. After studying maritime logistics (Master's Degree in
shipping at the Plymouth University, and Master's Degree in logistic from
the Business School of Brest), Peggy decided to make her dream come true: To
be the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She left her
professional activities, put all her savings into purchasing a boat, and
focused exclusively on her training and preparation for the crossing.

Living in Brest in a street with a predestined name, Rue d'Aboville, she has
contacted the rower, Gerard d'Aboville, putting forward her idea. Together,
they studied the route, the boat, the weather, the necessary experience…

Today, Peggy and her boat "SECTOR NO LIMITS" are ready. The departure will
take place from the Canary Islands in early March.

The Route
The Boat
Life on Board