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Friday, August 20 2004

Now, it's hard to imagine just how exhausting rowing across the Atlantic must be. But amazingly there's no stopping one woman from the East Midlands who going for it for a second time! Sally Kettle completed the first challenge with her mum, if she succeeds on her next attempt she'll break two world records. Lucy Kite reports.

This has to be the ultimate in girl power. It's only 3 months since Sally Kettle from Northampton finished her first record-breaking row across the Atlantic and now she's going back for more - this time with three other women. Sally Kettle said. "There's a lady in her 40's there's one in her 30's, I'm in my late 20's and Claire's 22. So we have a span of women which is important to show that we are independent and strong and that we can keep up with the men. "The crew need to beat Sally's previous crossing time. In May she and her mum Sarah finished their 106 day journey from the Canary Islands to Barbados to become the first ever mother/daughter team to cross an Ocean. This time Sally wants her crew to make the same trip in under 36 days. A tall order for the skipper.

There's a lot of responsibility. They say the toughest bit is getting to the start

Sally said. "There's a lot of responsibility. They say the toughest bit is getting to the start and making business decisions is not really my forte but we'll see what we can do." Sally and her crew begin their Atlantic challenge in November 2005 and if all goes to plan she'll have another two records to row home with.

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