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A RECORD-breaking rower is gearing up to get back in the water for another world challenge.
August 18 2004
Sally Kettle made the 3,325 mile Atlantic crossing early this year in a 24 feet long wooden rowing boat to raise money for a Calderdale charity.

Now, back on dry land for just a couple of months, she says she will take part in a second epic journey.

Sally, 27 and her mum, 45-year-old Sarah Kettle set a new world record when they became the first mum and daughter ever to row an ocean.

They successfully completed the Ocean Rowing Society's Atlantic Rowing Regatta, in aid of the Calderdale-based charity the Fund For Epilepsy. It took them 105 days, beginning in La Gomera in the Canary Isles on January 20 and finishing in Barbados on May 5.

Atlantic stormer: Sally Kettle who is preparing for another epic journey

But today Sally announced she would repeat the trip -and hopefully set another world record.
She will join the newly-formed Atlantic Rowing Race, which has been created after the amal- gamation of the Ocean Rowing Society Atlantic Rowing regatta 2006 and the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race 2005.
The new race will get under way in November next year and will start from La Gomera again but finish in Antigua, in the West Indies.

"I know people will say I am mad but I do want to do it again," she said.

"You would have thought I would have learned my lesson, but I am really looking forward to a new challenge," added Sally, who is writing a book about her first trip.

Sally will take part in the world's first women's all fours team and she and her team-mates will be out to break a record currently held by Calderdale rower, Iain "Yorkie" Lomas.

Iain, formerly of Hebden Bridge and his fellow team members, Shaun Baker, Phil Langman and Jason Hart, rowed into the record books when they won this year's Atlantic race, completing the crossing in 39 days.

"We are out to beat Yorkie and his team. It will be tough but we are going for it," said Sally.

She will be accompanied by a former Calderdale councillor, Diane Park, of Elland, who was a supporter of Sally and Sarah and the Fund for Epilepsy, Clare Mills of Dunstable and Alison Boreham of Norfolk.

Alison's husband Matt made four attempts to complete the Atlantic crossing before finally achieving it solo this year in his boat Alison May.

"We all have great experience and lots of team spirit so we are really determined," said Sally.

She added that the race would be purely athletic. No charity will be involved this time.

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