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February 14th 2001   

The First American to row across the Atlantic through the Caicos passage:

  Today by passing through the Caicos passage as he did, Richard Jones (US) has completed his row across the Atlantic Ocean.
It is his stated intention to now carry on rowing and pass the various
Caribbean Islands, including Cuba,  on his way to an expected landfall in Florida.
Richard is the 3rd ocean rower in history to
have  rowed through the Caicos passage, The first was John Fairfax  1969 (GB) the second  Sydney Genders 1970 (GB) For details click here
Also Richard at his departure said that he is attempting "an unassisted
row" this means taking no item on board after departure, no matter how
small (for example a Pepsi cola) nor can he be towed to land without losing "unsupported"  status. 
Of course Richard has the option to accept supplies and a tow at any time he wants, but if does either of these  his row will be recorded in Ocean Rowing Society statistics as "assisted solo row".
note: both Fairfax and Genders  were "assisted" rows. Richard Jones could be the first Atlantic Ocean & Caribbean Sea solo
unassisted row.
Kenneth F. Crutchlow

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