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Nov 21 2006
Patrick Deixonne, Jean Jacques Gauthier and Jo Le Guen set out again of Louis Saint this midday. Repairs of their boat were done in record time and they are again in race. This second departure was possible thanks to the generosity of Philippe Malapert, who's shoulder had been wounded and who is constrained with the abandonment. He thus gave at the disposal of the three competitors  all the material from his boat that was still in working state.
Nov 20 2006
Three of the four who had to turn back at yesterday's start are planning to make a second attempt tomorrow. They are Jean Jacques Gauthier, Patrick Deixonne and Jo Le Guen. Only Philippe Malapert has abandoned the race >>> ( read more )

Nov 19 2006

The departure of the first ever race of solo rowers  'Rames Guyana' took place this morning at Saint Louis, Senegal at 10:00GMT. The row down the Senegal river was done under  conditions of ideal wind, but at the mouth of the river  the competitors unexpectedly encountered very strong swell and some boats capsized several times. According to the recent reports Emmanuel Coindre, Romain Vergé and Jean-Jacques Gauthier were at the head of the fleet