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Sorry, some pics are of bad quality,  we would appreciate if you can send us better shots, if available
Photos by Sylvia Cook, Tatiana Rezvaya, and credit to oceanrowers
Entrants in the  Port St Charles Atlantic  Rowing Race 1997
                                                     Ladies first :) !!! The rest of the teams is listed according to the sequence of arrival

Jan Meek&Dan Byles

Isabel Fraser &
Richard Duckworth

Nadia & David Rice

Phil Stubbs &
Rob Hamill

Pascal Blond &
Jo Le Guen


Ian Blandin &  ?

Eamonn & Peter Kavanagh

Mark Stubbs &
Steve Isaacs

Peter Hogden & Neil Hitt

John Searson

Wayne Callahan &
Tim Welford

Steven Lee &
John Bryant

Daniel Innes with Robert Whitaker,  replaced by
Peter Lowe

Keith Mason-Moore &
Graham Walters

Jock Wishart &
Duncan Nicoll

Andrew Watson &
Russell Reid

Simon Chalk &
George Rock



Louis Hunkin &
Michael Elliot

Charles Street &
Roger Gould

David Immelman

Arvid Benston &
Stein Hoff

Jim Shekhdar & 
Dave Jackson


Mark Mortimer &
Martin Bellamy

Geoff Gavey  &
Van Katwyck

Tori Murden and Louis Graff with ORS in Los Gigantes

Sylvia Cook and Tatiana Rezva, seeing the race off



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