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July - September 2008

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Cyclist Mark gets into shape to row the North Atlantic Sept 23 2008 Mark Beaumont,
La Mondiale

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Radio New Zealand International

Italian on track to row across Pacific Sept 19 2008 Alex Bellini

Rower with naked ambition wanted Sept 18 2008 Mark Story

Daily Record.co.uk

The epic voyage that changed Scots explorer John Ridgway's life forever Sept 13 2008 John Ridgway

A row of dreams come true for American rower pair Sept 12 2008 Angela Madsen 

Around the World by Bike and Kayak Sept 09 2008 Erden Eruc

Scilly Boys boat ends up in Branch Sept 08 2008 Scilly Boys

First Woman to Row from California to Hawaii Solo Sept 07 2008 Roz Savage

Ealing Times

Fireman rows for charity Sept 05 2008 Aldo Diana & Ken Maynard

Lone oarsman near Tonga in Pacific crossing Sept 04 2008 Alex Bellini

Oar Inspiring Effort Ahead Sept 03 2008  Neil Gyllenship &
 Ben Kirkpatrick


NUIG student joins world record attempt Sept 02 2008 Peter Williams,
"La Mondiale"

Rower well on her way to crossing Pacific alone Sept 02 2008 Roz Savage


99 days of rowing are over Sept 02 2008 Roz Savage




Atlantic rower now set to go solo Aug 30 2008 Peter van Kets

Turkish Daily News

What human muscles can do? Aug 27 2008 Erden Eruc

Atlantic rowers' lost boat found Aug 25 2008 Scilly Boys

Ohio swimmer completes 325-mile swim of Allegheny Aug 22 2008 Katie Spotz

Charles Russell LLP inspires youths to take up water sports.. Aug 22 2008 Charlie Marlow and Matthew Mackaness

Senlac Rotary Club Aug 22 2008 Phil McCorry, Nick McCorry and Matt Hellier
Daring world record rowing bid  Aug 20 2008 Guy Watts and Andrew Delaney
Mid-ocean dinner date saves rower  Aug 20 2008 Roz Savage

Cleveland Leader

Ohio Woman Swimming the Entire Length of the Allegheny River Aug 18 2008 Katie Spotz


Van Kets aims to repeat Atlantic feat Aug 16 2008 Van Kets

Four men to row Indian Ocean Aug 14 2008 Mat Hellier, Ian Allen, and Nick and Phil McCorry


Bailing out stage right Aug 7 2008 Gearóid Towey

Quest for an island Aug 6 2008 Greg Spooner and Jordan Hanssen

Channel rowers towed home

 Aug 4 2008 Ben Steadman and Mark Davis

Pair in warm-up row across the Channel

 Aug 2 2008 Ben Steadman and Mark Davis


Towey relishing his last hurrah Aug 1 2008 Gearóid Towey

ABC Sunshine Coast

Dutch rower Ralph Tuijn arrives in Brisbane! Aug 1 2008 Ralph Tuijn




Solo ocean challenge

July 31 2008 Clen Cook


Rowing duo speak of Irish Sea adventure

July 29 2008 Alan Kneen and Mark Buttery

Now that we've finished rowing naked...

July 29 2008 Linda Griesel & Rachel Smith

Skandia Team GBR Olympians with sea in their blood

July 29 2008 Phil Morrison

If at first you don’t succeed...

July 13 2008 Jo Davis

Solo Rower In French Polynesia Headed To Australia

July 10 2008 Alex Bellini

Row for Hope

July 3 2008 Paul Ridley


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