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Female rowers launch 'faceboat' September 30 2007 The AtlanticAngels -
Fiona Waller, Clair Desborough, Sarah Duff and Rachel Flanders
On the edge: rowing the Atlantic September 29 2007 Jonathan Gornall
TRANSATLANTIC ROWERS SETBACK September 28 2007 Orlando Rogers &
 Ben Gaffney
Puffin shows wood durability September 28 2007 Graham Walters
Recruitment consultants hit the high seas to help gorillas September 27 2007 Niall McCann & James Burge
Gearing Up For An Ocean Row September 20 2007 ORCA - Chris Cuddihy, Roy Finlay and Denis Richardson
It's Antigua oar bust September 16 2007 Jim Hook & Andrew Lothian
Puffin nestles in at Southampton September 15 2007 Graham Walters
Antiguans to go on historic Atlantic crossing September 14 2007 Team Antigua and Bhavik Gandhi
Adelaide now... Peru to Brisbane rower beached September 3 2007 Ralph Tuijn
  12 articles in Dutch August 20-31 2007 Ralph Tuijn
‘Flying mattress’ to cross Atlantic August 26 2007 Peggy Bouchet
  To read about the project of Peggy Bouchet click here >>>
UK woman in trans-Pacific rowing attempt rescued August 25 2007 Roz Savage
Coast Guard rescuing woman who set off from San Francisco to row across Pacific August 24 2007 Roz Savage
BYM Sailing & Sports News Roz Savage in trouble on Pacific row, due to equipment failure August 23 2007 Roz Savage
Milliner to the royals doffs her hat to city August 03 2007 Leven Brown
Erden Eruc pushing for "the imaginary line of safety" - before Delila comes around July 26 2007 Erden Eruc
John Williams on dry land - after rowing across the Indian Ocean July 24 2007 John Williams & Glenn Edwards  
Trekker shoves off on 7,000-mile rowing trip July 18 2007 Erden Eruc
GIG ROWER, 23, DIES IN RACE July 16 2007 Nathan Woodcock
Islander, 23, dies after gig race July 14 2007 Nathan Woodcock
Keen to get started on a 3,600-mile row July 13 2007 Steve Redgewell & David Lynes
Galway man to row in behind AWARE campaign July 11 2007 Ray Carroll &
La Mondiale
Woman will attempt solo row across the Pacific Ocean July 10 2007 Roz Savage
Man attempts to row from Peru to Qld July 9 2007 Ralph Tuijn
Rescued rower says he won't try again July 7 2007 Charlie Girard
Rower Rescued 50 Miles Into Atlantic Try July 6 2007 Charlie Girard
Adventurer plans round world row July 4 2007 Oliver Hicks

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