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JANUARY - MARCH 2007    JULY 2007

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Rower waits for calmer seas before trans-Atlantic row June 30 2007 Charlie Girard
Frenchman To Embark On Transatlantic Rowing Bid June 29 2007 Charlie Girard
boston.com To France he'll row, row his boat June 29 2007 Charlie Girard
Ocean rowers point to 2009 June 22 2007 Sarah Kessans and Emily Kohl
Could I sneak out quietly this time? June 21 2007 Erden Eruc
So that others may live June 2007 ABSAR (Antigua and Barbuda Search and Rescue) & Graham Walters
Rower will launch from Orleans June 08 2007 Charlie Girard
Trio bid for Atlantic rowing record June 07 2007 Leven Brown, Julian Barnwell, Mike Tooth and Gary Moore
They did it! - Puffin and Graham defy the odds and arrive in the Caribbean June 06 2007 Graham Walters and Puffin
Hayling launches rowing nurses June 06 2007 Herdip Sidhu and
Elin Haf Davies
Crossing the pond June 01 2007 Leven Brown, Le Mondiale



ROW RECORD IN 40YR BOAT May 27 2007 Graham Walters
Pulling Together May Issue Sarah Kessans and Emily Kohl
East Londoners to row across Atlantic May 25 2007 Bill Godfrey and Peter van Kets
Helicopter, not a headwind May 24 2007 Ralph Tuijn
Rower set to inspire firms May 17 2007 Paul Tetlow
Walters rows across Atlantic in 100 days May 15 2007 Graham Walters
Graham beats the odds to row Atlantic Ocean May 14 2007 Graham Walters
Crew hopes sprout in desert May 12 2007 Emily Kohl and Sarah Kessans
Little Henry jumps on board Dream vessel May 9 2007 Elin Davies and Herdip Sidhu
Turkish adventurer ready to cross Pacific by rowboat May 7 2007 Erden Eruç
Prison officer to row across Indian Ocean May 5 2007 Ben Steadman and Mark Davis
Inside track May 5 2007 Graham Walters
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Ocean rower makes a splash May 1 2007 Tori Murden McClure



Grandfather to row the Atlantic April 30 2007 Gary Moore
Pacific beckons British rower April 30 2007 Roz Savage
Across the Waves April 29 2007 Tom Mailhot and  John Zeigler
Rough waters ahead April 28 2007 Bhavik Gandhi
Puffin nears the end of its epic journey April 25 2007 Graham Walters

An awesome journey April 25 2007 Roz Savage

All at sea to set a record or two... April 15 2007 Bhavik Gandhi
CHALK FOLLOWS HIS DREAM April 14 2007 Simon Chalk

Book documents self-propelled global circuit April 14 2007 Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei

Atlantic oarsman to attempt rowing record to Antigua April 14 2007 Simon Chalk
Water leak, rescue on standby April 13 2007 Bhavik Gandhi

From Scotland to Syria April 11 2007 Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei

Bhavik Gandhi braving the mighty Atlantic rowing solo April 09 2007 Bhavik Gandhi

All Alone on that Big Ocean - Challenge Number Two April 06 2007 Ralph Tuijn

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