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Ex-Banker Sets Herself Atlantic Solo Rowing Challenge

June 29 2005

 Roz Savage

 Herald Express. Devon

Atlantic record remains with French

June 24 2005 'Rowing news' from Devon by Hilary Bastone

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May 3 - July 4 2005

William de Laszlo, Ben Jesty, James Bastin, William Turnage

Round-Britain Rowing Team Hit by 50ft Waves

June 16 2005

 William de Laszlo, Ben Jesty, James Bastin, William Turnage

 Herald Express. Devon

Search for Atlantic row team June 11 2005 Simon Chalk / Dom Mee

Man to try solo row from Chiba to Golden Gate Bridge

June 11 2005 Emmanuel Coindre
You get much more with Devon 24

Getting on his bike for Atlantic rowers

June 10 2005 All Relative -
Atlantic rowers' hopes rising June 09 2005 Vivaldi Atlantic 4

Rowing the Pacific June 08 2005 Emmanuel Coindre


Atlantic rower has brush with shark June 06 2005 Oliver Hicks

South Africa

Strong-armed Frenchman aims to cross Pacific

June 06 2005 Emmanuel Coindre


Humane Society award for Atlantic rowing lifesaver

June 2005 Pete Bray

There is so much more to life than simply existing

June 03 2005 Oceanrowing
By Jonathan Gornall

Rowers Launch Atlantic Record Bid June 01 2005 Vivaldi Atlantic 4
Transatlantic oarsman donates "Womble" to Antigua and Barbuda June 01 2005 Tiny Little


All oars and graces

May 29 2005 Leven Brown
Fast and furious sailing May 27 2005 All Relative -
 Justin, Robert, James, Martin Adkin
It's all relative for ocean rowers May 27 2005 All Relative -
 Justin, Robert, James, Martin Adkin

Briton Launches Atlantic Rowing Record Attempt

May 27 2005 Oliver Hicks

Man Begins Rowing Across Atlantic Ocean May 27 2005 Oliver Hicks

Going it alone: 23-year-old Brit trying 3,000-mile trip

May 27 2005

Oliver Hicks

And they are off!

May 27 2005

Oliver Hicks,
Vopak Victory


Dutchmen set off on row across Atlantic Ocean after local stopover

May 26 2005

Vopak Victory

Relatives to Row Across Atlantic

May 24 2005

All Relative -
 Justin, Robert, James, Martin Adkin

Rowing from New York to Holland

May 20 2005

Vopak Victory

The Great Atlantic Challenge

May 19 2005

Vopak Victory

National Nine News. WA, Australia

Rescued rowers return to WA on Thursday
May 18 2005 Sinelnik twin-brothers

Rower Tiny is a big hero

May 18 2005 Tiny Little

Rowing Russian twins rescued
May 16 2005 Sinelnik twin-brothers

Ex-Marine will storm ashore in England

May 11 2005 Angela Madsen,  Frank Festor and Jo Le Guen


Trip round Britain, all in a row... May 09 2005 William de Laszlo, Ben Jesty, James Bastin, William Turnage - Corporate and Private Event Management for London

World Record To Be Set Rowing Around Great Britain to raise £1million. May 03 2005 William de Laszlo, Ben Jesty, James Bastin, William Turnage

Scottish stockbroker set for solo Atlantic rowing challenge May 03 2005  Leven Brown

Virgin Sponsor Youngest and Fastest Solo Atlantic Rowing Attempt April 27 2005 Oliver Hicks
Tiny savors remaining food - 700 miles to Antigua April 22 2005 Tiny Little
Rowers launch ocean record bid April 22 2005 Sinelniks
ExWeb book preview: Mick Dawson vs. sea serpents

April 21 2005

Mick Dawson
A challenge for those with physical challenges April 20 2005 Angela Madsen and Jo Le Guen
Tiny hitches ride on current - 1000 miles to Antigua

April 15 2005

Tiny Little

Young rower sets sights on crossing the pond west to east

April 14 2005 Oliver Hicks

Top secrecy at Exmouth yard over Dom's trip

April 14 2005

Dom Mee

Dom Mee's secret expedition promises a world's first

April 12 2005

Dom Mee

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