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3 September 2004

 A CLOSE relative of legendary World War II German commander Rommel has been plucked from the sea while on a lone bid to row the Atlantic. Andreas Rommel, grand-nephew of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, was 450 miles off the coast of Canada when he ran into a storm.

A Canadian bulk carrier rescued Rommel in weather described as 'atrocious'.

He was flown by helicopter to Gander in Newfoundland. Hewas not believed to be seriously hurt.

Rommel's 24ft boat, the Lady Georgia, began taking on water in 15ft waves.

He set off his distress beacon and the signal was picked up via satellite by RAF Kinloss in Moray.

They relayed the details to the Canadian Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

His journey had already been incident-packed. He was nearly run down by a tanker in fog and was caught up in hurricane Alex.

Rommel, 34, set off from Cape Cod in July but was still 2500 miles short of his destination, Land's End.

His bid to row the Atlantic was only the first stage of a three-part challenge. He also plans to row across the Indian Ocean and then the North Pacific.

He started his present voyage in mid-July despite warnings that he was leaving the bid dangerously late in the season.

Kenneth Crutchlow, director of the Ocean Rowing Society, said they recommend that all North Atlantic rowers leave by May, aiming to touch land in Europe before September.

Before May, there is a danger of icebergs and September is the hurricane season off Europe.

Rommel has twice sailed solo across the Atlantic.

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