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Mick to try to row the Pacific again
April 28th 2004

A ROWER from Boston will soon attempt the epic 6,000 mile Pacific crossing he was forced to halt last year.

Depending on the weather, Mick Dawson could start his Golden Gate Endeavour from Chosi, Japan, tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday – and if he completes his five-month lone trek to San Francisco he will be the first to do it successfully.

Mick tried the same journey in June 2003, but had to stop when his rudder broke.

His father Derek Dawson, 65, said: "I don't think he will complete it this time – I know he will. I, and some of his friends, will be going to see him off.

"Until he gets it out of his system he will never give up.
"We are very proud of him."

All aboard! Boston rower Mick Dawson in Southampton preparing to load his boat for transportation to Japan


The harbour master in Chosi will take Mick through the shipping lane at the start of the row, and then he will have to face Mother Nature's harshest weather conditions, such as typhoons, as he crosses the sea.

As he gets closer to America the weather should improve.
During the journey his only company will be a copy of Dean Martin's greatest hits!

Derek said: "Mick loves his own company.

"We can call him when he is out there because he has satellite equipment – but it is very expensive!"

The boat, Mrs D's Viking Spirit, also contains a waterproof camera enabling Mick to film while rowing.

It cost nearly £40,000 to refurbish the boat for the new attempt, but people can now track the voyage on the internet.

You can follow Mick's progress at: www.ifitwaseasyeverybodywoulddoit.com

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