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Rower attempts Pacific crossing

May 6 2004

A Lincolnshire rower is aiming to break the world record for rowing solo across the Pacific Ocean.

Mick Dawson, 39, set off from Choshi in Japan on Thursday in his second attempt to make the 6,000-mile crossing to San Francisco.

The ex-marine from Boston failed in his last attempt in 2002 when his rudder broke after 12 days.

Mr Dawson says he expects some bad weather during the journey, especially in the first five weeks.

Mick Dawson and his boat

Mick Dawson is attempting the "Everest" of ocean rowing

 Raging storms

"It is difficult getting away from Japan as there is often a problem with typhoons.

"The boat is as strong as I could have wished for - so I am fairly confident."

He expects flat calms for some of the trip as well as raging storms with 60-70mph winds.

"It will keep me on the toes."

The existing solo record for a west to east crossing is 133 days, set by Frenchman Gerard d'Aboville in 1991.

Mr Dawson rowed across the Atlantic in 2001 with his brother Stephen, completing the journey from Tenerife to Barbados in 70 days.