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Injury fails to stop ocean rower

May 20 2004

A Lincolnshire rower says he is determined to break the record for crossing the Pacific Ocean single-handedly despite cracking a rib.

Mick Dawson, 39, a former Royal Marine from Boston, is rowing 6,000 miles from Japan to San Francisco in a second attempt to set a world record.
He has managed to row 700 miles in two weeks despite running into a typhoon and breaking a rib.

Last year his challenge failed when his rudder broke after 12 days.

Speaking to BBC News from his boat, Mr Dawson said the journey was going well.

"The start from Japan is so difficult - so to have it under my belt is a huge relief.

"But I am very aware that this is the start of a huge journey."

Mick Dawson and his boat

Mick Dawson is attempting the "Everest" of ocean rowing

The existing solo record for a west-to-east crossing is 133 days, set by Frenchman Gerard d'Aboville in 1991.

Mr Dawson rowed across the Atlantic in 2001 with his brother Stephen, completing the journey from Tenerife to Barbados in 70 days.