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An Awesome feat for Pink Lady®

August 16  2004 at 10.00 AM

 Pink Lady® Atlantic First timeline
      Sponsorship announced by Pink Lady® Apples – April 23
      The Pink Lady and crew depart from Newfoundland, Canada – June 30
      The rowers reach their first 500 miles – July 11
      Pink Lady reaches half way – July 24
      The rowers are picked up after the storm – August 8
The rowers arrive back in the UK – August 9
 After a week of intense media coverage, most people now know that the Pink Lady® sponsored 2,100-mile Atlantic row from Newfoundland, Canada to Cornwall was stopped by the tail end of hurricane Alex just 300-miles from the UK. The rowers were picked up early Sunday morning by a Scandinavian vessel, the Scandinavian Reefer.
The public relations agency, The YES Consultancy, who negotiated and managed the sponsorship, achieved over 216 million ‘opportunities to see’ Pink Lady coverage before Sunday’s storm with its freak wave.
Following the event, the agency is still receiving dozens of media enquiries. Current analysis shows that the story has achieved in excess of 20 times reach that it did before the expedition’s abrupt termination.
The impact of the coverage has been extremely high too as the Pink Lady story led many UK news channels for much of the two days on August 8 and 9. The news reached every part of the globe in particular Australia, Canada, the USA and Ireland.
Andy Macdonald, director of Coregeo Ltd said “Our experience demonstrates that it is possible to successfully sponsor adventure sports as long as the participants’ approach to safety is beyond reproach, as it was with the Pink Lady crew.
“We are very proud of what Mark Stubbs, Pete Bray, John Wills and Jonathan Gornall achieved and I feel honoured to know four such determined men who have quite deservedly became heroes overnight.
“I am very disappointed for the crew in being so close to achieving their record crossing but the fact that they came through the ordeal virtually unscathed is a credit to the hours of training they undertook for such eventualities.
“This was the first sponsorship undertaken on behalf of Pink Lady® apples in the UK and to achieve so much media exposure in such a short time was amazing. The dedicated event website ( also received 1.2 million hits during the 36 hours immediately following the pick-up, supported by over 400 news articles on the internet.
“Pink Lady® apples have, I am sure, received more media and internet coverage than any other fruit sponsorship. The fact that our PR agency was well organized and had film footage and branded photos already lodged with national and international news organizations certainly got the Pink Lady message across.
“Seeing this tiny pink boat bobbing up and down in the Atlantic created an enormous following and we were fortunate to have all the mainstream media supporting us and providing coverage at every opportunity.”
“The crew and Pink Lady are extremely grateful for the support of HM coastguard, the RAF and the skipper and crew of the Scandinavian Reefer who picked them up. Also, the kind words of support from the British Heart Foundation – the beneficiary of the fundraising – were much appreciated.
Ironically the Scandinavian Reefer vessel that helped the Pink Lady rowers was carrying bananas and pineapples.

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