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Stormy weather set to hinder Pink Lady® rowers

Friday August 6

 The Pink Lady® crew – that set off from St John’s, Newfoundland on June 30 on a 2,100-mile voyage to break the world record for the fastest north Atlantic row from Canada – could face their fiercest storm yet this weekend.

 On day 37 at sea, having rowed 1,680 miles with 420 left to go, skipper Mark Stubbs, 40, from Poole in Dorset, with Jonathan Gornall, 48, from London, Pete Bray, 48, from South Wales and John Wills, 33, from Surrey were told that a severe weather system might cross their path.

Weather expert and adviser to the Pink Lady, Lee Bruce says that the forecast track of Hurricane Alex seems to follow the plotted positions of four separate Atlantic row boats currently in the North Atlantic – from the west Andreas Rommel (Germany), Emmanuel Coindre (France), Anne Quemere (France) and closest to the UK, Pink Lady (Britain).

 Lee Bruce said, “Although much can change as Alex moves east, the current forecast suggests that Alex will gradually weaken over the next couple of days, but then may combine with another low-pressure centre as it nears Pink Lady, creating a large gale with its centre near the boat.

 “By Sunday, this could result in the worst wind and sea conditions encountered so far, lasting through Monday and threatening to force the men into their cabins to ride out the dangerous conditions. Weather patterns like this are difficult to anticipate – even for the sophisticated computer models, so there is hope for better news in subsequent forecasts.”

 Crew member Jonathan Gornall described conditions during last Sunday’s fierce storm that took the crew ‘closest to the edge’.  He said, “The boat can’t be stopped or turned (it’s moving too fast) so if you go overboard, it’s for good.  We are strapped on deck with a cord around the ankle, but when the sea is raging it feels as if you are floating in your seat.”

 The apple-sponsored Pink Lady crew now needs to pass Bishop’s Rock Lighthouse on the Scillies by August 23 in order to break the world record for the fastest North Atlantic row from Canada. They will then point the boat the Falmouth and arrive at the National Maritime Museum’s waterfront. They hope to raise £50,000 for the British Heart Foundation.


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