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Alarming weather for Pink Lady® rowers

August 4th 2004

This morning at around 11.00 AM BST, the Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) aboard the Pink Lady® ocean row boat was triggered by a deluge of waves hitting it while the boat was lying to the Para Anchor in rough seas.

Crew member Pete Bray immediately noticed that the emergency beacon was flashing and the skipper contacted the Falmouth coastguard straight away to explain that the weather had accidentally triggered the alarm.

The emergency alarm on the Pink Lady is designed to go off manually or when submerged at depth but the ferocity of the breaking waves caused the alarm to become wet and set off an alert.

The alarm relays a signal via satellite to RAF Kinloss in Scotland who in turn alert the relevant coastguards.  In this instance, the Pink Lady® crew contacted the Falmouth coastguard to advise them of the false alarm so quickly that no emergency action was initiated.

The Pink Lady crew – that set off from St John’s, Newfoundland on June 30 to break the world record for the fastest north Atlantic row from Canada – have experienced many storms on their epic row and have been using a Para Anchor to hold their position today since 10.45 BST today. 

They plan to start rowing again at midnight tonight (August 4), having clocked up just half of their usual daily mileage today due to fierce weather systems

 Bob Barnsley, the Shore Team Manager said, “Before the crew set off, all of the relevant coastguards were given a detailed emergency planning document which came to good use today when all of the relevant parties could be immediately advised of the false alarm, incurring no need for any kind of emergency support.  We thank the Falmouth coastguard for their understanding in these matters.”


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