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Pavel Rezvoy (Ukraine)


Best of ExplorersWeb 2004 Awards

ExplorersWeb (USA) has chosen 8 out of hundreds expeditions and 5 out of thousands adventurers who have contributed in an extraordinary way to the Spirit of Adventure in the year of 2004.

An oceanrower from Ukraine Pavel Rezvoy is one of those five:

Edurne Pasaban&Juanito Oiarzabal - K2

Henk De Velde -North West Passage

Pavel Rezvoy - Atlantic

Nawang Sherpa - Everest

ORS congratulates Pavel on this recognition !!!

Pavel Rezvoy (right) and Geoff Allum at the Southampton Boat show (Sept.2003) It was Geoff and his cousin Don Allum, who were the first double team to row the Atlantic East-West (1971) LETTERS OF SUPPORT
Born:  November 28, 1938 in Moscow.

 My early childhood was spent with parents-geologists (mum - Galina Ivanovna Bilicheva, father - Dmitry Petrovich Rezvoy) in the mountains of Central Asia. We used to be always on a move, so a tent and a horse became for me a habitual everyday life.
In 1946 I, nevertheless, was sent to a Moscow school, but I still was spending my summer holidays out in the mountains.
In 1952 my family moved to Ukraine, to the city of Lvov, but  summer time was still taking me back to Central Asia - to the mountains of Turkestan-Alai and the Pamirs.

From 1957 to 1960 served in the Soviet Army, in the Navy Air Forces as a machine-gun/radio operator; jumped with a parachute (50 jumps); 2 years practically daily flied with different crews on a jet bomber over the Baltic.

1960-66 - study at the geological faculty of Lvov University, remarkable summer expeditions on the Amur-river, Chukotka, Kola peninsula and mountains of Central Asia.

1966 - 84 - returning to the world of my early childhood, but already with my own children and wife: to work as a geologist, and then - as a chief of a geological party in Southern Kirghizia.

1984 - 92 - back to  Lvov and work at the University with annual expeditions to the Pamirs.

Further - a pensioner, and the most complicated part of life in the CIS of post-perestroika period: travelling to places where I could find a paid job.

I do know about ocean rowing since long ago - my younger brother Ivan was a part of the support-team of Peter Bird during his attempts to row the Pacific from Vladivostok to San Francisco.
In 2001 I was helping my son - Theodore in his preparations for the row from Canary Islands to Barbados; it was then that I caught insuperable desire to set out to ocean - till now unknown to me five sixths of the globe.


But  a year later, in 2002, I spent 5 months in the jungle of Ghana, trying to find ' the big gold ' for a shady firm " Energy" from Dnepropetrovsk.

In 2003 once again I approached my ocean dream, preparing Theodore's boat in New York for his attempt of second crossing of the Atlantic, from West to East.

It's time, it's time to set a sail (oars) while I still can.

Sports - boxing (Candidate-Master of Sports), shooting (Candidate-Master of Sports), archery (II-nd grade), swimming ( II-nd                grade).

Hobby - hunting, fishing, travelling; books.

Family - twice married, two children in each marriage. Thanks to God, all my children are keeping  in touch.

 I do not search for special extreme situations, but have no fear to face those unexpectedly arisen.


In January 20th 2004 Pavel left La Gomera ( Canary Islands ) onboard his ocean rowboat Marion-Lviv to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic in the longest of rowing regattas - ORSARR 2004. 61 days later he put his boat to the pontoon pier of Port St Charles in Barbados.

 But it appeared to be not enough for a passionate adventurer, he set his next goal - Cuba, and then - Jamaica! The distance of 1638 miles (2636 km) (1423 nautical miles)... >>>

Photo by Vasiliy Galenko from the support yacht 'Kilcullen' - in the middle of Atlantic