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A most satisfactory week with approx 280 miles covered despite 3 non-rowing days due to weather. Conditions now moderated and tail wind is assisting progress. Boat in core of east flowing Kuroshio current, moving at 3 kts and clear of reverse eddy area. Position am 25 May 500 miles east of Japan.

On board electronic systems working well and live trial TV interview with technicians in London successful. Believed to be the first ever live TV link up from a small vessel in mid-ocean. Team now waiting to do a live interview with BBC TV. Daily Mirror expected to carry article w/e 28 May. Currently UK Election is making it difficult to gain space in the media

Considerable interest exped web-site and many messages of encouragement have been sent from worldwide sources.

Outstanding support continues from CINCFLEETWOC, Japanese Hydrographic Office and Tokyo DA and staff. US Naval attache London briefed and Japanese Naval attache updated.

Both rowers are well and morale is high


Adverse weather conditions made this a frustrating week with the expeditionís progress adversely affected by 2 storms, one a particularly nasty and unseasonable tropical cyclone.. Gale force south easterlies for several days made rowing impossible.

Storms have blown boat into an adverse eddy of the Kuroshio current, which has taken it back to the west.  Position 18 May was 270 miles east of Japan. Best met and hydrographic brains in UK, US and Japan now advising on how to get back on course and boat is being rowed hard towards favourable currents.  Good weather predicted for next 5 days and steady progress anticipated.

Japanese Navy steamed close by on 17 May and USCG now fully briefed for hand over of SAR cover which is expected to take place mid June.  Excellent support given by CINCFLEET WOC, particularly in respect of predicting course and strength of cyclone.  Messages this week included most supportive note from Ellen MacArthur from her catarman in mid Atlantic.

Media coverage mainly in regional newspapers.  Daily Mirror expected to publish major feature weekend 19/20 May.

Both rowers in good shape and morale high.


Exercise PACIFIC ODYSSEY, the first double row of the North Pacific Ocean W-E, from Japan to the USA, commenced 5 May.  Voyage is approximately 5000 miles and is expected to take 120 - 160 days. Rowers are Cpl Tim Welford, RM Poole and Cpl Dom Mee, Cdo Log Regt. They are rowing a 23 foot boat named 'Crackers'.

Final preparations were successfully completed in Japan 23 Apr - 4 May with outstanding support from Embassy staff, expat community, coastguard and local people. Considerable interest and coverage from Japanese media. Expedition commenced during first favorable weather window and in near perfect conditions. Crowd of 200, many spectator boats and 2 coastguard cutters ensured a memorable departure. Excellent progress made during first 2 days but, as forecast, severe storm on Day 3. First test of the Expedition came when large wave swamped living accommodation and caused minor damage to some electrical equipment. Problems successfully overcome, repairs made and good 2 knot progress resumed. UK media interest has been intense including interviews with BBC South West, Meridian and Sky plus articles in several national and local papers. Website is recording high number of hits. In summary, a perfect start with better than expected progress and rowers in excellent spirits. On 11 may rowers were 300 miles east of Japan.

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