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For immediate release: 16 August 2001

Former Goss Atlantic Rower Mark Stubbs will put a number of athletes to the test in a gruelling weekend of physical training and endurance tests in November in a bid to identify crew fit enough in mind and body to take part in a two-year project to conquer Atlantic Rowing records.

The ultimate aim is to break Atlantic rowing records in both directions, West to East and East to West. Stubbs is looking for a full complement of ten to train as a team; four will go on to row the Atlantic, West to East, in June 2002 in the original 'Goss Atlantic Row' boat, arguably the most high tech rowing boat ever built. 

Following the West to East attempt,another four rowers will set off to row the Atlantic in the other direction, from East to West. Two rowers will train as back ups should injury or circumstance prevent anyone from taking part. 

Stubbs, former Royal Marine, said, “The right people will already have an impressive background in competitive endurance sports, to show that they have the motivation and mind set to tackle rowing the Atlantic. Equally important, is their ability to gel with the existing team; we will be living in very close quarters under immense pressure and it is vital that we trust the skill and integrity of each crew member.

“It is not essential that they have ocean rowing experience because throughout the coming year we will have a very intensive on-water training schedule, but it certainly would be advantageous. They need to be able to commit to our intensive training programme which includes regular weekend training sessions.” 

As a first step in the selection process, Stubbs has asked for interested athletes to email him with 5 reasons why they think they have the credentials necessary to conquer the Atlantic in record time (see note to editor). Once through the first hurdle, individuals will be invited to meet the current team, and row with them. 

The official selection process will take place on Dartmoor on the 17th and 18th of November 2001.  Stubbs commented, “It is important that this selection process is as much for potential crew members as for the team. In addition to being a physical and mental challenge, we intend to enjoy the row every bit of the way. It will be an immense individual as well as team achievement. It is important that new crew members know what will be required, and not only that I think they are right for the team, but that we are right for them. This is the challenge of a lifetime, and total commitment to the ultimate goal is essential.” 

He added, “In such a small team, it is important that each member’s own skills base and expertise add to the overall competitiveness of the team. It might be that one member has expert boat building expertise, and another is a skilled navigator; the aim of our selection weekend is to identify a well rounded group of individuals who can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

Currently, the team includes Mark Stubbs, 37, a fire fighter from Poole, Steve King, 24, a fire fighter from Birmingham and New Zealander Rob Hammel, 32. Mark and Rob are both married, Mark with two children.

Mark and Rob have already accrued successful Atlantic rowing crossings in Chay Blyth’s 1996 Atlantic Challenge; Rob Hammel winning it in just 41 days in 1996. 

In addition to their full time ‘day jobs’, the current team train seven days a week following a programme developed by Benetton Formula One Human Performance trainer Bernie Shrosbree. A ‘heavy’ training day may include a two-hour sea row in the morning, and a further 2 hours of strength training or mountain biking in the evening. A ‘light’ training day includes just one two-hour workout during the day, often a 20k ‘ergo pyramid’ row. The team have continual assessments at Shrosbree’s Benetton Formula One Human Performance Centre to ensure they remain on course for their ultimate goal. 

Anyone interested in being considered for the selection weekend should email, highlighting 5 reasons why they think they have the credentials necessary to conquer the Atlantic in record time, including a telephone number. 


Successful record in competitive sports
Can demonstrate a high level of fitness 
Highly motivated 
Team Player 

Ocean rowing experience, or other experience at sea
Knowledge and experience of survival techniques
Boat building skills
Navigation skills
Medical skills
Boat building experience
Sponsorship and PR skills

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