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1974 - 2005

Australian Ocean Rower (WEARC 2001, boat "Freedom"), Squadron Leader
Paul McCarthy
 died in Sea King helicopter crash on Nias
The crash occurred on Saturday, April 2nd at about 4.30 p.m. local time (0930 GMT) near the town of Gunung Sitoli, off the west coast of Sumatra
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On March 31st Maud Fontenoy arrived in Paris from Tahiti.  Kenneth F.Crutchlow and ORS trustee oceanrower Jan Meek  were invited guest at her press-conference. Earlier in the day they visited Gerard d'Aboville at his Paris office.
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Maud FONTENOY (France)


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On March 26 at 18:26GMT (8:56 local time) Maud has arrived to Hiva 'Oa.
Congratulations to the first woman to row in the Pacific solo from Peru to Marquesas !!!

set out from a rowing club in Lima's port, Callao, "as the sun was setting over the calm ocean" - at 22:15GMT (17:15 local time) January 12th 2005,  to row solo from  Peru to French Polynesia, mid-Pacific, to follow the route of Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl's epic 1947 Kon-Tiki expedition.  

Gerard d'ABOVILLE. Paris, March 26 2005
President of the Higher Council of the Pleasure Sailing and the Water Sports,
Founding Trustee of the Ocean Rowing Society:

Bravo Maud !

You have just written a great and beautiful page in the French History of ocean rowing, until now I felt myself a little lonely on the big Pacific!

Good return to land and among all those who missed you and whom you missed, enjoy the life and the spring which is landing here at the same time as you,


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"The rules of Adventure"

For info of oceanrowers and especially Mick Dawson, who reported seeing unidentified fish/serpents! According to Press after the Tsunami there have been discovered some unknown species of fish. See photos: >>>

February 2005

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MARGOT BUTCHER picks over the wreckage of the third Atlantic Rowing Race and, despite New Zealand teams finishing one and two, reveals how dedication to a sporting dream and the characters of driven men can lead to


Thierry DAGUES (France)

Thierry DAGUES

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Arrived to Guadeloupe on Jan 22 2005 at 14:12GMT. Well Done, Thierry ! ! !

with good weather forecast started at 08:00 GMT on Monday November 15th 2004 from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to row the Atlantic ocean E-W to the West Indies (Guadeloupe). Half-way point passed December 13th 2004

A brief report and photos by Alex Bellini of what  happened to him on November 12th 2004 in Formentera >>>

Re La Gomera (January 2005) : "It is not a disaster but it is and absolute mess", said Tiny Little. Clickwherewtowreadwthewreport >>>

Woodvale Events will be exhibiting a Woodvale Fours class boat on stand J18 (ground floor of Olympia 2)

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This appeal has been generated by Thai Airways International PCL and sent to ORS by Emmanuel Coindre:

Dear all!
Pls  re-circulate the following message and photo of Tsunami victim (2-years old boy)
Please send this to all - we mean ALL! - the people in your entire network.

The boy about 2 years old, found at Khoa Lak Resort is missing his parents. Nobody knows what country he comes from  >>>       see photos
Thanks to  joint efforts of Internet users from all over the Globe 18-month-old Swedish toddler Hannes Bergstrom was re-united with his father Marko!!! >>> click here for details  and  here to read one more article

Best of ExplorersWeb 2004 Awards

ExplorersWeb (USA) has chosen 8 out of hundreds expeditions and 5 out of thousands adventurers who have contributed in an extraordinary way to the Spirit of Adventure in the year of 2004.

An oceanrower from Ukraine Pavel Rezvoy is one of those five:

Edurne Pasaban&Juanito Oiarzabal - K2

Henk De Velde -North West Passage

Pavel Rezvoy - Atlantic

Nawang Sherpa - Everest

ORS congratulates Pavel on this recognition !!!