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Ray and Jenny Jardine (USA)


Ray Jardine

Jenny Jardine  

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have rowed from the Atlantic E-W from La Gomera, Canary Islands to Barbados

Departed from San Sebastian, La Gomera at 07:02GMT November 7, 2002.
Landed at 17:48 GMT December 30th 2002

Congratulations to the fastest married couple! Ray became the oldest person to row successfully any ocean. 


Anne Quéméré (France)



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 left La Gomera at 08:01GMT December 5th aboard her ocean rowboat Le Connetable. She intended to arrive in Guadeloupe within 80 days, but due to severe storms she had to get  back to the departure point. The restart is planned for December 26, 2002.


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Fedor Konyukhov (Russia)


Fedor Konyukhov


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Left from San Sebastian harbour at La Gomera, Canary Islands October 16th 2002 at 11:00 GMT on board his ocean rowboat "Uralaz". 
Arrived to Port St Charles, Barbados on  December 1, 2002 at 15:00GMT

Congratulations on setting a new speed record for the Atlantic E-W "Trade Winds I" solo.

from record-holder to record-holder


Congratulations on the completion of your epic row. What a fantastic effort! It bodes well for the Ocean Rowing Society's race for 2004. Hope you are enjoying the hospitality of Port St Charles.

Rob Hamill


    Congratulations to Fedor!    

His record is fantastic, he is probably a tough guy :) When Emmanuel broke the record last year I told myself - nobody will break this record. The idea of what Fedor did is truly amazing.
I am leaving La Gomera tomorrow and I am looking forward to my own solo row to Guadeloupe. I do not expect to break any records, but I do intend to enjoy my trip.

Anne Quéméré,  San Sebastian, La Gomera.




    Hello Stein Hoff, we all are happy for you...   

A new page of Oceanrowing History has been written!
When Stein Hoff arrived it was the first time
 a husband and wife
(Diana Hoff
have rowed the Atlantic solo in the same boat at different times.


Stein Hoff (Norway)

Stein Hoff

Plans to be the first Norwegian to row an ocean solo and the first person to row Atlantic solo from continental Europe to another continent (Guyana, South America). Started from Lisbon, Portugal,  10th August 2002 at 07:15 GMT.

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 Greetings from Stein

Landed at 20:00 GMT November 14th !!!

Stein Hoff onboard 'Star Atlantic II' arrived at Essequibo river and rowed up to Parika Wharf. He was able to complete his continent-to-continent row unassisted! Stein was given 'Banks' beer by the Commander of the the Guyana Coast Guard, who congratulated him on his great achievement. There was a big crowd on the jetty who cheered Stein in as he arrived, and Steins mother Eli and wife Diana arrived from Norway in time to have a celebratory dinner at the famous Cara Inn Hotel, Georgetown.


*   To you all, who followed the difficult crossing of Emmanuel ...  *

Emmanuel Coindre (FR)



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Finished!!! After 87 days at sea! October 25th 2002 London ORS HQ
Today after 87 days 19 hours 59 minutes Emmanuel Coindre became the 2nd person (Don Allum GB was the first) to row the Atlantic Ocean solo in both directions. Emmanuel crossed the finish line south of the Cap Ouessant lighthouse at 13:55 GMT
At the moment of crossing the finish line he was alone. His family wanted to rendezvous with him at the finish line but were delayed by inclement weather.
Some time later today Emmanuel will be met at sea by his family and a French Press boat.

Letter from Gerard d'Aboville

Finish eyewitness report by Anne Quéméré


Monument for Don Allum  - the first person to row Atlantic solo both ways, - at The Pub Dooagh ( Archill Island, County Mayo, Ireland),celebrating his arrival to Dooagh.


September 30th. The 1 year anniversary of the loss at sea of Nenad Belic.
(photos from Kilkee)

Search For My Father (Dr. Nenad Belic) - by Adrian Belic



September 19th 2002
Presentation of his next Pacific Solo Row and his Boat
10.30am tea/coffee 
11.00am press-conference starts
A L L   I N V I T E D ! ! !
Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR For details call the Ocean Rowing Society 0207 485 8807

Hosted by

Le Shark Casual Wear



Letters to Jim Shekhdar


June 30th the rudder of Skandia Atlantic Spirit got sheared off by a rogue wave during the night storm. The crew couldn't steer the boat any more. They decided to abandon the row. 6:30AM July 3rd Skandia Atlantic Spirit have been picked up by the "Bar Protector". It is a diving support vessel under the captaincy of Crawford Renton.  July 8th 2002 The "Bar Protector" arrived safely in Aberdeen at 9:30AM. The crew of Skandia Atlantic Spirit thanked the captain and crew for bringing them back to Scotland




Photo by
(The Telegram)

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Tori Murden's (US) route into 
Gulf stream (1998)


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F A R E W E L L ,  M I C K  B I R D ! ! !

A letter from Richard Jones


Mike Bird

Mick Bird

Mick Bird to continue his around the world row



 Mark Stubbs, George Rock, 
Robert Munslow and Nigel Morris are attempting the first 4 man ocean row from St.John's Newfoundland, Canada to Falmouth via the Isles of Scilly. The row started June 11th at 19:39 GMT.

Update from the Coast Guard Office in St John's


"People of Wiltshire" award received by Norman Butler


Simon CHALK and Bill GREAVES (GB)

Map of route with distance
RESCUED: situation updates

Brief bio for Simon & Bill Photos Press

To see their Guestbook click here




Kalbarri W.A., May 11, 2002

This morning I met Ted King (now 80 years old). Ted lived in Kalbarri in 1971 when Anders Svedlund arrived .Ted told me that he remembers being told (in 71) that an oceanrower had been swept ashore after starting his ocean row somewhere south of Kilbarri. Ted has some photos of Anders boat.
Anders stayed between 7-10 days and then was towed by a cray fisherman named Ernie Crocos to a position north of Kilbarri in the hopes of catching the current toward Africa, The record shows that Anders did arrive in Madagascar, it is not yet certain exactly how long the row took Anders. ORS will continue to research this.

Kenneth F. Crutchlow



ORS thanks the women ocean rowers who spoke 
at the Royal Geographical Society gathering on April 30th.
30 years of women's ocean rowing experiences were told to an appreciative audience.
To see pictures, please click here.



I  N  V  I  T  A  T  I  O  N

April 30th
6.00 pm drinks (cash-bar)
7.00 pm programme starts
Royal Geographical Society
1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR

to evening with ALL successful 
women ocean rowers

To reserve a seat 
please click here
and say how many seats 
would you like to reserve.

Admittance is free (donations accepted)

Special appearance of Andrew Halsey to announce his next row


April 18 2002 legendary Norwegian Thor Heyerdahl died from cancer at his home in Italy.


  Ukrainian rower Theodore Rezvoy is decorated with an Order "For Courage"     27.02.2002


Mark Stubbs four man attempt on the North Atlantic

We are glad to invite all the ocean rowers out there to the Atlantic Spirit boat launch. It will be launched at the Tees Barrage, Stockton-on-Tees on Friday 1st March 2002 at 14:00. The boat will be launched by the veteran Ocean rower Tom McLean. 

On the evening of the same night we are holding a fund raising party (tickets £5) to include a disco, buffet, raffle, and a late bar. It would be great to see as many Ocean rowers as possible. 


If any more information is required or to book tickets or accommodation please contact 
George Rock  mobile 07802 230680 home 01642 764379







Debra VEAL (GB)


Troika Transatlantic News

Troika Transatlantic home page

CROSSED THE FINISH LINE after 111 days at sea
Debra landed at Port St.Charles on January 26, 2002 at 14:55GMT (10:55 Barbadian time)


Debra is the 11th woman to row an ocean!

The boat was built by Rossiter Yachts Dorset UK