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We are deeply saddened to inform
 that on July 2nd 2013

a 36-year old ocean rower
Toby Wallace
 (Atlantic E-W, Team of 8, 20

was killed in a traffic accident
while taking part in a charity bicycle ride across Britain,
 after being hit by a truck near Newquay in Cornwall.

Our sympathies are with his family and friends.
   Andrew WILSON
 (b.1958 - lost at sea 1980)
On June 25th 1980, 33 years ago, 22 years old Andrew Wilson (UK),
the youngest person to attempt to row an ocean solo,
pushed his ocean rowboat Nautica into the sea off St John’s in Newfoundland –
and… disappeared.

Those who knew Andrew want him to be remembered by just one simple motto:

                                                                                 HE WHO DARES WINS.

Jon Csehi (1983 - 2013)
 ocean rower - Atlantic E-W 2007-08 onboard "No Fear" in team with Nick Histon, -
 a young father and former Royal Marine
has died in a motorcycle crash on the Orkney Islands in Scotland
on Saturday evening, April 20th 2013  >>>
It's a tragic accident and our thoughts are with the family at this time


Statement of ORS Int regarding future arrivals to Port Saint Charles, Barbados   

We have been asked to remind ALL ocean rowers, that PSC is a private property and that ANY arrivals of ocean rowers on this property must be arranged at least a month in advance and permission be obtained. As much care should be taken in planning your arrival as your departure.

ALL ocean rowers need and must ask permission of both
the General Manager Stephen Austin  and the Dockmaster Derek Ince
for their boats to dock, as well as to get access to the Yacht Club.


Happy 69th Birthday, Kenneth  F.Crutchlow,


Happy 30th Anniversary, ORSInt !

The Ocean Rowing Society Int., its team and its founder  >>>





August 2012: In an attempt to row all Great Lakes of North America Tom Butscher (69) who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 2011 on board of Big Blue will row from Detroit, Michigan the length of Lake Eirie to near Buffalo NY and on to Lake Ontario via the Welland Canal  to Toronto Ontario where he lives. Distance 640 km 


June 15, 2012: Founder and Coach of Recovery on Water, Jenn Gibbons started her row along the entire 1,500 mile perimeter of Lake Michigan in her ocean rowboat Liv. This is a part of her preparation for Trans-Atlantic row that is planned for 2013
Follow Jenn's progress >>>  and read her blog >>>  

Press article >>>


March 18, 2011: In the next 12 -18 months British ocean rowers Ben Thackwray and Ian Couch will be heading out to high altitude mountains, several ice fields, dry deserts and an ocean ... They drew together their experiences in a range of environments and put them together in a single Global Adventure Series >>>


2012: Ocean rower Peter van Kets (South Africa) has set his sights on circumnavigating the Southern Hemisphere along the Tropic of Capricorn under human power. For details >>>   Website >>>


Dec 2012: oceanrower Justin Coleman in team with James Mouland intend to convert an ocean rowboat into an ocean pedal boat and pedal from Gran Canaria to Barbados. Departure is planned for December 2012. >>> 
Press article >>>

January 2013: ocean rowers Margaret Bowling (Australia) and Tara Remington (NZ), in team with Linda Beilharz (Australia),  and Cathy O'Dowd (SA) will attempt the Ultimate Trilogy of exploration and adventure - a ski traverse of the north Patagonian icecap, ocean row up the Chilean coast and Aconcagua summit, all back to back with minimal support


2013: oceanrower Ben Fogle is planning to swim the Atlantic Ocean. Having rowed E to W, he will complete the circle by swimming from America West to East back home to Cornwall. For details >>> 
Press article >>> 23.05.12


2014: Ocean rowers John Haskell (UK) and Trond Erichsen (Norway) - Atlantic E-W 2011-12, - are planning to track the Antarctica; John bids to become one of the few to hoist the Welsh flag at the South Pole. >>>


June 15 - June 22 2012: ocean rower Chris Cuddihy, teamed with his son Ryan Cuddihy and adventurer Aaron Williamson,  completed a world's first non-stop unsupported row around Long Island, NY in 7 days 5,5 hours .  For updates >>>



●   Erden Eruc - Best of ExplorersWeb 2011 Awards - Special mention
Like few others Erden has demonstrated persistence, self reliance and courage on his human-powered world
    circumnavigation. But only like the greatest Erden has time and again lived up to the ideals of sportsmanship..."


  !!!  Congratulations  !!!
to the Webmaster of the Ocean Rowing Society Int.


Theodore Rezvoy

on the 10th Anniversary of his successful solo row
across the Atlantic E-W
from San Sebastian de La Gomera to Barbados

(Oct 12 - Dec 18 2001. 67d 06h 35min)


The 20th Dijon International Adventure Film Festival, officially called "Les Écrans de l'Aventure"
   took place on November 3 - 6, 2011 in Burgundy, France.


It's interesting

The First Row in the Indian Ocean ? 

On 4 June 1923 Cecil Foster, a master marine from Barry, Wales, and team of 33 British sailors in two life-boats escaped from a shipwreck of the Hain Line steamer Trevessa, (she was heading from Fremantle, WA and was already 1700 miles from shore), and survived  a 23-day lifeboat ordeal, until coming ashore on Rodriguez and Mauritius Islands. 
30 June, the anniversary of the second boat's landing at Bel-Ombre, is still a national holiday in Mauritius. Originally it was known as Trevessa Day, but more recently it's been broadened out to become Seafarers' Day                  For details

  ""Boro man draws ire of rowing community" - Victor Mooney and his attempts to row an ocean

            - You are being invited to take part in a research study "A sociological investigation into risk seeking behaviour in ocean rowing "
               Please take time to read the following >>>


Expedition cancelled


August 2011: oceanrower Ralph Tuijn (NL) will add more sea miles to his Atlantic and Pacific crossings by rowing in team with Pieter Smit non-stop from Amsterdam to Svalbard, aka Spitzbergen (the northernmost inhabited island in the world). The route of 2890km/1796 miles as the crow flies is crossing the northern part of the Atlantic and ending in the Arctic Ocean, so the working title of the expedition is: “80 Degrees North Challenge”. It will be the first time that an ocean rowboat is going that far north (record of Smurgis is 77˚ 44' N) and the second time that it reaches the Arctic ocean.
Note: Expedition website to be launched in Dutch and English


June 18th, 2011: ocean rowers Katie Spotz (USA, Atlantic E-W Trades II, 2010) and Sam Williams (GB, Atlantic E-W, 2008)  set out in Race Across America or "RAAM", a 3,000 mile, non-stop bike race that started in Oceanside, CA. and ends in Manassas, VA. and  features more than 250 racers from 15 countries. Their goal is to complete the race in 8 days.>>>


June 25th 2011: ocean rower Chris Cuddihy (USA) is once again leading a crew in an attempt to row non-stop around Long Island to raise money for veterans >>> 



June 15th, 2011: Rowers Chris Walters, Brian Fletcher, Tony Short and Elliot Dale, who are going to row the Atlantic E-W in December, have taken on the Channel in a bid to forge links with a French town, as part of the Lyme Regis/Barfleur twinning initiative. The Corinthians’ loaned ocean rowboat Oyster Shack has been used for the Barfleur run. >>>

 May 26th 2011:  at about 2:45BST oceanrower Ben Thackwray reached the summit of Mt.Everest. Congratulations !!! 

English >>>
March 3, 2011: Oceanrower Anne Quéméré (the first and the only woman to row the Atlantic both ways solo - 2002, 2004) has completed the navigation of  the Pacific in a kite-boat Adrien from Peru to Tahiti, French Polynesia.  
Left La Punta Yacht Club, Lima on March 3rd 2011 at 02:00GMT (March 2, 2011 at 21:00 local time)
May 18th 2011 : Arrived French Polynesia, Tuamotu Archipelago  after 77 days at sea and 3 792 nautical miles (7023kms) left behind


May 18th 2011: Congratulations to ocean rower James Ketchell (Atlantic E-W solo, 2010) on successful summiting Mt.Everest !!! 
Read an article from May 12th
base camp two – 6,500m, Lhotse >>>






Orlando Rogers


1985 - 2011



On Sunday afternoon, May 15th 2011 ocean rower (Atlantic E-W December 2 2007 - January 26 2008 ),
 former Royal Marine Orlando Rogers
was involved  in a Tiger Moth biplane crash in Dorset  and died later in hospital.


He was immensely special to all who knew him. His unique charisma, positive outlook and enthusiasm for life touched and inspired all those around him. His death leaves an unfillable void for his family and many friends and colleagues.

"His example on living life to the fullest will never dissipate; whether it was rowing the Atlantic, racing Zap Cats, sky diving or skiing. He died as he lived – in action     >>>


Read newspaper article Plane crash victim Royal Marine from Newton Abbot 'lived life to full' >>>


If you would like to share your memories of Orlando then please use this link to AOR's page >>>   
 This will be passed onto to his family




Curtis Lloyd Saville, 1946-2001



It has been 10 years  since
ocean rower
Curtis Lloyd Saville,
died in the Eastern Desert of Egypt while on a solo desert mountain expedition on April 28, 2001



 Thomas Butscher (67, team Big Blue) became the oldest person to row any ocean

 Suzanne Pinto (57, team Britannia III) became the oldest female to row any ocean


 Leadership skills win PCSO Shaun Barker  (team of The First 4 - Queensgate 2004) a top award  >>>


  Welcome to the launch of Sarah Outen's new book on February 16th 2011 (Holland Park, London) >>>




For wedding photos >>>

A response of Simon Chalk about the nature of his financial position >>>




Congratulations to ocean rower Ralph Tuijn on breaking the Guinness World Record for the fastest human powered crossing of Africa -  11,117 km on a bike from Cairo to Capetown through 10 countries in 80 days 6 hours 7 minutes
 For details (Dutch)>>> ; (ENG)>>>



ocean rower
Angela Madsen

will demonstrate adaptive rowing and showcase her ocean rowboat, Row Of Life, that carried her into Guinness record fame as the first woman to row across the Indian Ocean.


ocean rower

(The First Woman to Row an Ocean Solo
 and the
 First American to Row Solo Across the Atlantic Ocean - Atlantic East to West, 1999)

on being elected
the President of Spalding University

 She became the 10th president of Spalding University and the first non-Catholic
 to occupy the role in the Catholic institution's 196-year history. For details

From Statistics:  (true for Feb 3 2010)

Currently there are simultaneously more ocean rowers  at sea then ever -

  7   solos,
- in teams of two,
- in teams of four,
- in a team of six
12 -
in a team of 12,  which totals

80 ocean rowers, among them - 15
female ocean rowers
Note: In 2008 within the period from January 12th till January 17th
         there were
simultaneously 78 ocean rowers at sea, among them - 15 female ocean rowers


Two ocean rowers
 Rachel Smith (Atlantic E-W, 2007) and Sarah Outen (Indian E-W, 2009)
 are speakers at Adventure Travel Live
in London Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria

Rachel will be talking on Saturday, 30th January at 4 - 4.45pm:
          'Living the Dream: rowing and capsizing in the Atlantic'

Sarah will be talking  on Sunday, 31st January at 4 - 4.45pm:
'Rowing Across the Indian Ocean - Alone'

More details & Press Release >>>   Press article >>>  


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