The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records


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New Books:

                                                         Hurricane Halsey
                                              by Andrew Halsey and Joy Lennick


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Dear Ocean rowers,

you are invited  to George Olver's new film,
 'Tenacity on  the Tasman', -
a documentary about
ocean rower Olly Hicks
and his latest  row across the Tasman Sea. 
The premiere is on the 19th November 2009 
at the Odeon Leicester Square. 

 It is the first time a film about 
ocean rower will be screened in such a venue.

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Four British military personnel - Lance Corporal Nathan Fulcher, Corporal Kate Stansfield, Corporal Rob Watmough and Diver Keith Lister, - are planning on rowing across the English Channel and back in order to raise money for the charity TOE IN THE WATER

They will be setting off from Portsmouth in September 2009 and rowing to Cherbourg, hopefully then rowing back into Cowes
The boat Row Toe Row will be using is none other than
Mount Spirit which saw Team Hesco powered by Commando Joe set two new Guinness World Records and was then used by UnFinished Business
 has kindly lent the boat to Row Toe Row for this challenge.  For more info >>>  


July in History of Ocean Rowing

40th Anniversary of the First Ever Solo Row across an Ocean

July 19 1969
John Fairfax
completed his Solo Row across the Atlantic East to West -
from Gran Canaria to Florida, -
and put his ocean rowboat Britannia on the sand of Hollywood Beach.


  "Without us mountains and oceans have no meaning by themselves: they “are there” and always will be but, for a very, very few, their presence inspires a dream of pitting our puny strength against their might, and to conquer not them but ourselves. The quest to prove worthy of an almost inconceivable challenge is our greatest reward" John Fairfax.

"Somebody had to be the first to prove, that it could be done. When it is done - the door is open..." Peter Bird


40th Anniversary of the First Solo Row across the Atlantic West to East
July 27 1969
Tom McClean

completed his Solo Row across the Atlantic West to East, -
from St. John's, Newfoundland Canada to Blacksod Bay, Ireland
in his ocean rowboat Super Silver


  “In Both Adventure and Business, Positive Thinking is the Frame of Mind Needed to Succeed”
"If you think you can - you will"...and.."
It is always possible to do more" Tom McClean




Celebrate World Ocean Days in Paris together with ocean rower Maud Fontenoy

On the occasion of World Ocean Day and Day of the Sea, ocean rower Maud Fontenoy, spokeswoman for UNESCO and the World Ocean Network, will welcome you at two events and festivities in Paris on 8 and 10 June 2009.
A new show will be offered at the Alexandre III Bridge in the heart of Paris: the demonstration of a helicopter over the Seine, in the real conditions of a rescue at sea!
Maud is cast into the water for the occasion.  More details >>> 


Tori  Murden McClure (USA), the first woman  to row any ocean solo (Atlantic E-W,1999) has launched her new website.
is focused on her book "A Pearl in the Storm" that details her journey across the Atlantic
Go to the website >>> 

On the 9th of April 2009 ocean rower Mick Dawson and Miss Grace Igwe tied the knot and got married !

Congratulations and warm wishes of  all the happiness in the world
to both of you !!!


to the Founder and Executive Director of the ORS Int.
Kenneth F. Crutchlow
on His 65th Anniversary and
 40 years of devotion to Ocean Rowing


Wednesday, January 14th ~ Champagne Launch at the London Boat Show

From this Friday 9th January through to Sunday 18th, Serendipity and her proud owner Sarah Outen will be at the London Boat Show, who are also Gold sponsors of Sarah's Indian Ocean row in spring 2009.  They can be found right next to the Main Stage in the North Hall so do pop along and say hello if you're around.


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