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DEC, 3, 1999--Congratulations to Tori on becoming the first woman to row an ocean solo;
and the first American to row across the Atlantic solo!

81 days 7hours 46 minutes

(Sept, 13, 1999--8:15GMT)--Tori Murden from Louisville, Kentucky in her boat Sector No Limits American Pearl and Diana Hoff from Norway in her boat Star Atlantic II have  just left  Los Gigantes, Canary Islands to begin their attempt to become the first woman ever to row an ocean solo. The Ocean Rowing Society is in Tenerife to cover their departure and will be following their progress throughout the endeavour. We wish them well... 
(A history of Atlantic solo rows from E to W)


     Over the past two years four women have sought to become the first woman to row an ocean solo. The latest attempt by Tori Murden has proven successful. The Ocean Rowing Society salutes the efforts of these courageous women and wishes them well!! Being the first woman to row an ocean solo is a  formidable challenge; check out the ORS website below to read about their amazing efforts...

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(Feb,17,1999)--British/Norwegian Elisabeth Hoff 's attempt to become the first woman ever to row an ocean solo has unfortunately ended with a capsize. Ocean Rowing Society members may remember the Hoff name, as her father Stein Hoff rowed the Atlantic with his partner Arvid Bentsen, during the Atlantic Challenge rowing race that started October of 1997. (click image at left for the official ORS website that tracked Elisabeth's progress)

--Elisabeth Hoff: her brave attempt to be first woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean ends in capsize.(click here for more...) her brave attempt to be first woman to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean ends in capsize.(click here for more...) (STAR ATLANTIC HAS BEEN FOUND IN THE TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS)

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(Sept,09,1998)--After spending more time at sea rowing solo than any woman in history (85 days); Tori Murden got literally thrashed by Hurricane Danielle. Her boat American Pearl was capsized numerous times and finally "pitch poled" end over end. With a body covered with bruises and an injured shoulder Tori was forced to set off her EPIRB and was rescued at sea having to abandon her boat (found off the coast of Portugal two months later intact!).

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(May,27,1998)--The first woman to attempt to row an ocean solo, Peggy Bouchet has rowed the farthest (3248 miles) of any woman. After 79 days at sea and an exemplary crossing, Peggy Bouchet became victim of a capsize 120 miles from Guadeloupe. "I was closing the hatch when suddenly a very strong wave capsized the boat. Being trapped under the boat by my harness I was unable to breath and I thought that I was going to die..." Peggy was rescued and her boat was found off Puerto Rico (Peggy and boat are now back in France).

Read the latest from Elisabeth Hoff on her daring rescue at sea...(click here)

Louisville Magazine (march issue)  ALONE AT SEA
                             BY TORI MURDEN


These three rowers are part of the Sector No Limits Team. Sector Sport Watches supports the endeavours of extreme athletes to test the limits of human endurance.

Aug,11,update--Congratulations to Mick Bird having arrived successfully in Australia after rowing the Pacific. Mick will continue his around the world row with the next leg being the Indian Ocean. Mick has also been helping Andrew with   advice as to the best route for his row. Row Mick Row...
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Pedal for the Planet Expedition June,20, 1999-After Steve Smith decided to call it a day with his effort with Pedal for the Planet project;  Jason Lewis continues solo attempting to be the first to circumnavigate the planet by human power (no motor-no sail). They are the first team to ever cross the Atlantic from continent to continent (Lisbon, Portugal to Miami, Florida.); and after crossing the US on bicycles and rollerblades they recently completed their last leg together from San Francisco to Hawaii in their  pedal powered boat Moksha. Bon Voyage and Safe Journey Jason Lewis and best of luck to Steve Smith with his future endeavours. (Click her for more info...)          (Tlynch ORS)

St. Johns, Canada,July 23--Mathew Boreham in his third attempt to row the Atlantic has been pulled in from 6km at sea by the Canadian Coast Guard. Mathew decided the time wasn't right for this attempt (hurricane season is almost here); and he may attempt again earlier next year.(click photo at right for press story)

Ocean Rowing News...

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Mark Mortimer and Martin Bellamy (June,10)-- The Atlantic Challenge, the longest and toughest rowing race in history. Mark and Martin share their logs from their 75 day odyssey at sea ending with a successful crossing on Christmas day 1997. (a good read for all you armchair travellers...) click the photo at left

(Dec, 20)-Ocean Rowing Champion Phil Stubbs dies in plane crash...
(Dec, 13,1998) Belgium Ocean Rower Rescued at Sea--

(June, 20,1999)Where's Koloss? Arnaud's boat should be arriving in the West Indies... Anyone seen it?
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The gang in Tenerife

October 1998. The annual Dijon International Festival of Adventure Film

The Peter Bird's Trophy for Tenacity and Perseverance has been attributed to Bertrand Piccard, for  his attempts to fulfil the first ever non-stop balloon flight around the world. Click on image to enlarge it

teamphotoRowers Archive ...

Atlantic Endeavour is an expedition mounted by a Scottish-based team to set the world record for the fastest non-stop rowing of the Atlantic Ocean. The rowers will leave the Canary Islands in November bound for the West Indies on a voyage filled with discovery, danger and physical endurance.

company_logo_jpeg.jpg (29710 bytes) Richard Jones of Utah is attempting to be the first American to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. At 55 years old he will  be the oldest person to ever row an ocean and the first to row the Atlantic from East to West - continent to continent. (Click image to go to ORS site for Richard's row)

Matthew Boreham is attempting to row the Atlantic solo from the Canaries to Barbados. Mathew and his brother Edward had to be rescued at sea during the Atlantic Challenge Fall of 1997 and he is making one more effort solo. More to come... (click image at right).  (This just in: Mathew Boreham has decided to row the Atlantic another day--he is presently back in the Canaries due to a failed water maker and illness. The Society salutes his courage to come back in. There are a lot of hurricanes out in the Atlantic this September and we are glad he'll be home for the birth of his second child. Cheers to Mathew!!)

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The Port St. Charles Rowing Race -Extensive site with maps, team information, and articles about the longest hardest rowing race in history. Thirty teams racing 3000 miles across the Atlantic.

Steve Boga's story about the 1997 Port St. Charles Rowing Race

sponsored by Port St. Charles Barbados

The Ocean Rowing Society Salutes Legendary Rower
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Don Allum (May 17, 1937-Nov 2, 1992)
The only man to ever row the Atlantic in both directions solo.
(click image to go to ORS site for Don Allum's rows)

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Ocean Rower Geoff Allum cancels attempt at solo row:

(Oct,26,1999)--"I arrived in Los Gigantes and realized almost immediately that it was too big a job. And rather than start and fail I simply decided not to go. The boat didn't touch the water. Now I'm going to have a nice holiday with my family."


The Ocean Rowers... excerpts from a new book by Kenneth F Crutchlow & Steve Boga.
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Sidney Genders, Solo row of the Atlantic in three stages; England to the Canaries, to Antigua, to Miami Florida. Fastest solo time rowing solo from the Canaries to the West Indies (73days 8hrs). (With special thanks to the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Sidney's daughter Isabelle).

" The second in History Atlantic Row to Miami"


John Ridgway and Chay Blyth, ...first Atlantic crossing of the 20th century
John Fairfax, ...first solo row of Atlantic, first Pacific crossing; (with Sylvia Cook)
Peter Bird, ...first solo row of Pacific; most time at sea any rower; lost at sea June 96
Andrew Halsey, ... first disabled rower to cross an ocean
Eugene Smurgis ... Russian Arctic rower.

the gang in Tenerife