The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records




Minutes of Interim Committee Meeting

held at noon on Sunday, 3rd September, 2006,


22 Oxgate Gardens, NW2 6EB 


  Present:            Chris Martin, Kenneth F. Crutchlow, Graham Walters, Mike Nestor,
                            Jerry Rogers, Stuart Boreham,  Michael Perrens,  Matt Boreham,
                            Henry Dale, Mike Norman, Sylvia Cook, Sally Kettle,  James
                            (Tiny) Little, Mike Norman, Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow, Sam Knight


  Chair:                Chris Martin proposed that Kenneth F, Crutchlow chair the meeting.  This was seconded by Michael Perrens.


  In Memoriam:   The meeting opened with one minuteís silence to commemorate
                             the loss of David Johnstone and John Hoare, whose last log
                            entry was on this day forty years ago.


It was further noted that it was on this day on which John Ridgway and Chay Blythe completed their successful row of the Atlantic Ocean in 1966.


  02.1  Constitution:

                            This matter was not directly addressed, although various
                            suggestions were put to the meeting, including the formation of
                            a club, with a committee, which would pay a fixed fee to current
                            webmasters (Theodore Rezvoy and Nickolay Gonsiorovsky) to
                            continue to run website.


  02.3  Leven Sinclair Brown Letter:

                            This was read to the meeting and is available on the website.

In response, KFC read his own statement (available on request).  Considerable discussion ensued regarding donations, expenditures and future formation of the ORS, but no motions were proposed and no final conclusions were drawn. 


  (Interruption:    At 13.15 Simon Chalk telephoned to report that Team Hesco                              were due to land in Mevagissey in two and a half
wtime. The meeting voted Congratulations!)


  02.13 ORS relationship to Guinness World records:

A letter received from Guinness, saying that they are again featuring ocean rowing and nominating ORS as their informant, were read out to the meeting and it was agreed that KFC would
follow this up.


  Any Other Business:

                   i)       Sally Kettle proposed that ORSís public face continue as at
                               present but that no financial or fundamental decisions are made
                              until after further discussion re. formation of the club.  Matt
                              Boreham seconded this motion which was passed by the


                 ii)         It was agreed that KFC go to the Southampton Boat Show to
                             represent the ORS, but that no formal announcements will be made.


                iii)        Chris Martin proposed that Jerry Rogers draft a letter to Leven
                            Sinclair Brown asking that he agree to one thousand pounds of his
                            three thousand pound donation be used to fund the webmasters.  In
                            addition, to ask him to further agree that the broadband connection
                            be paid for at thirty pounds per month for the next six months, also
                            from his three thousand pound donation. 
                            This was seconded by Sally Kettle and passed.


iv)         Sally proposed that Jerry become a signatory to the bank  account and become treasurer.  This situation to be reviewed at the next meeting. 
Seconded by Michael Perrens and passed.


v)          Sam Knight proposed that KFC speak to all six people from the committee last time and for KFC to think about what he expects and wants from them all and that KFC also speak to Geoff  Allum.  This was seconded by Henry Dale and approved.    


  Date of Next Meeting:

                            29th October, 2006.


  Outstanding Agenda Items:

                            These were not addressed.

  The meeting closed at 14.50.