The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records




     Minutes of  Meeting

     held at noon on Sunday, 29th October, 2006,


     22 Oxgate Gardens,
     London  NW2 6EB 


Present:      Stuart Boreham, Simon Chalk, Sylvia Cook, Kenneth Crutchlow, Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow, Jerry Rogers, Teddy Rezvoy


Chair:          Kenneth Crutchlow was elected to chair the meeting.    


1.       Jerry spoke concerning the proposed formation of the club and whether this was to go ahead and, if so, that it would use the Ocean Rowing Society website pro tem.


2.       Kenneth reported that the scheduled 6th October “Case Management Meeting”, in the matter of Theodore Rezvoy vs PA Freight/Andrew Morris and Roger Gould, had been adjourned by consent and no future date yet specified.  He added the concerns brought up by Sally Kettle at the 3rd September meeting regarding the aforementioned litigation and whether this may or may not involve the former trustees.  Teddy Rezvoy and Andrew Morris are each in touch with their solicitors over this matter.


Kenneth further added that neither he, nor Tatiana (who acts as translator) nor the Ocean Rowing Society International are/were defendants in this action which is over ownership of Teddy’s rowboat, held by Andrew Morris.  In due course, the court will order the parties to exchange documents and evidence will be required for a rescheduled court management hearing.  Kenneth re-iterated that he is not involved in this in any way, that it is solely a matter between Theodore Rezvoy and Andrew Morris and Roger Gould.


3.       Jerry said that at the July 7th meeting it was muted to form a club and the following came together to form a committee:
Nigel Gower, Simon Chalk, Jerry Rogers, Sally Kettle and Chris Martin. Matt Boreham.  

 This group was confirmed at a separate meeting.

Jerry reported that a draft constitution was drawn up. He added that the committee had hoped for the results of the 6th October case management meeting to be known before meeting with the bank to open a Club account, to ensure there would be no hangover from the circumstances surrounding the case (Rezvoy vs Morris & Gould).  Kenneth explained that the case has not yet been heard.  Jerry continued that, as the framework for the club was in place and plans were going ahead to formalise it, the bank account would be opened as soon as possible regardless.


An annual member-ship subscription of £50.00 was discussed, but it was finally favoured to have a fee structure allowing for differing levels of membership, such as full fee for Full members who have, will, or have attempted a row, and a reduced rate for Social, non-voting members.


4.       A recent letter from Julian McHardy, who had previously volunteered to be Membership Secretary , was acknowledged and he was thanked for it.


5.       Simon stated that clarity was needed between himself/Woodvale and           Kenneth/Ocean Rowing Society International, as to precisely which areas of the sport would be covered by each in order to avoid the possibility of conflict.


  6.     Tatiana addressed Simon saying that she and others had worked for many years putting together the ORS statistics and page ‘Historical Boats’ which have been copied on the Woodvale site. Besides being a product of ORSI website, the copied statistics contain numerous inaccuracies.  Simon agreed to remove them but said it would take some time.


   7.    Tatiana said it was usual protocol to reciprocate equal links between  websites, and that, as ORSI advertised Woodvale races on its website, and had done for several years, Woodvale could reasonably be expected to  reciprocate with equal links to ORSI site. Simon replied that this would not happen until all disputes between himself and Kenneth were resolved.


8.       Simon then told the meeting that his website had crashed during both his 2005 and 2006 races, and that his web provider (RPM Devon) had informed him that ORS was responsible for these crashes and they ‘had proof of this’.  Both Kenneth and Tatiana denied this, which they considered a serious allegation, and asked Simon to provide evidence and an apology when he fails to prove it.  Responding, Simon said he will ask RPM to write verifying their account of events as told to him.      


  9.     Simon requested that no information about himself, his companies or his activities be published on the Ocean Rowing Website.  Tatiana said that, she, as ORSI  Editor in Chief,  takes information from open sources such as Google and news channels, maintaining that, as such, she is free to do so, and that she is just linking to them, and crediting her sources.  Simon is going to seek legal advice over what is, and is not, permitted.


Simon continued that Teddy was commissioned to do the internet work for the amalgamated race in 2004 and this agreement between Woodvale and ORS broke down, so he does not agree with the invoices raised and does not owe Teddy for this work, but agrees that the issue is not Teddy.


10.     Tatiana stated that the Ocean Rowing Society logo is the property of its designer, Teddy Rezvoy, as is its replacement, the ORS International logo.


11.     The meeting concluded that no further meetings are necessary and that, once        set up, the Club will liaise with Ocean Rowing Society International.


The meeting ended at 2.10 p.m..