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Oliver HICKS. Miss Olive - Virgin Atlantic Row

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Sept 28 2005, 09:56:40GMT (10:56:40BST)
Oliver has successfully crossed the line of Bishop's Rock longitude
and hereby has officially crossed the Atlantic Ocean!!!

Then he proceeded to St Mary's of Scilly Isles, to the spot
where Harbo and Samuelson made land at 11am on August 1st 1896.
At 12:43GMT (13:43BST) Oliver landed on Porthcressa Beach of St Mary's !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 30 2005 at 11:30BST Oliver made landfall at Falmouth
Prince William and Richard Branson came to greet Oliver on his arrival

Congratulations from French Oceanrowers

From Emmanuel Coindre, send to ORS HQ via his parents (translated from French):
"Oliver, no doubts itís your determination and your courage that have insured your successful crossing.
Sincere Congratulations and Welcome to Dry Land!
Emmanuel Coindre (from far and away in the North Pacific)"

We join these sincere congratulations, and we are happy that Oliver has finally made safe landing.
Sylviane and Michel Coindre


All my sincere congratulations to Olivier for his great performance. I was following him every day: what a wonderfull example of perseverance and courage.
All the best for him and his team.
Gros bisous,
Maud Fontenoy


What a wonderful feeling to look at Oliver's arrival pictures in the harbour. It reminds me of some fantastic moments I had a year ago, and I am so happy he made it so beautifully, landing by himself in the Scilly. It is a great moment for all of you who where there, and all my thoughts go to his family who finally will sleep soundly and breeze easily again !
Congratulations and welcome back on Dry Land.
Anne Quemere

Sept 20, 2005. 11:43:08

Phone call from Ollie at 10:30 BST Tuesday 20 Sept
that all's well but he can't get his dispatch for Monday night out (or receive incoming emails) - water got into the cabin and he suspects that damp has got into the email kit. Hopefully it will dry out.
However he can still communicate with the world and vice versa by sat phone/text, so for those who need their daily dose of Ollie dispatch first thing in the morning:
all is well - no need to panic -hopefully normal service will be resumed asap

Aug 12, 2005

Update!!! . Lt. Commander Simon Dalziel of Royal Navy Fleet Media Portsmouth, called ORS HQ at 3.45GMT.
He said: 'HMS Cumberland, captain Simon Ancona, was called on channel 16 by ocean rowboat Miss Olive.
Oliver Hicks, the only sole on board, requested and was supplied with food enough to last till the end of September'.
The ship reported he is fit and well'

After a Brief Rendezvous the two vessels continued on their way.

May 27 2005.

 From John Zeigler (Atlantic E-W 2001)
I picked up Istvan Hajdu (2001 ARR/ Hungary) from NYcity. We drove the 65 miles to Atlantic Highlands wasting no time. We were witness to the departure of the Dutch "Four" leaving as well as Oliver Hicks solo in "Miss Olive" (Istvan's old boat "UnisVoyager"!) from different docks not more than 100m apart.
It was a perfect day. Calm, sunny and a light breeze in the right direction (an exception of late) to help them on their way. An ebb tide was expected within an hour after they passed "Sandy Hook" as they entered the Atlantic Ocean from the Bay. Both boats are moving parallel to "Long Island" (a part of NY state which is about 100 miles long)
A small crowd of family, press and locals bid them a safe and swift journey. Few understand the enormity of the task ahead, including the rowers...
Good luck Gies, Jaap, Martin, Robert and Oliver. Safe journey.

May 27 2005.
Eye witness account from Kemal Goksel, Member of AH Yacht Club:
Today, on May 27, Vopak departed Atlantic Highlands at 10:30 am EST and Miss Olive departed at 10:35am.  There was quite a crowd seeing them off.  At least a couple of newspapers, Reuters and several members of Frank Samuelsen's family.  Also John Ziegler and his mother. 
 Beautiful weather, 20 deg C, light wind, not a single cloud. I think Samuelsen's family escorted them on their boat for a while.

May 24 2005 Interview at the ExplorersWeb HQ in NY

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