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Virgin Atlantic Row 2005

O L I V E R   H I C K S             O L I V E R   H I C K S               O L I V E R    H I C K S


Arrival to St Mary's, Isles of Scilly. September 28, 2005

Photographs by Amanda Martin, Gibsons of Scilly, Phill Deason, Roy Iethbridge and George Kershaw.
Photographs by John Morel (scroll down)
Courtesy of  Jim Lyddon and Richard Pearce

Photos by John Morel

HMS CUMBERLAND's rendezvous with  Ollie Hicks.  August 12, 2005.

Photos by Lieutenant Commander Eme Onyike (Public Relations Officer) in HMS CUMBERLAND
Courtesy of Simon Dalziel Lt Cdr Royal Navy


Atlantic Highlands, NJ  USA. May 2005 

Departure. May 27 2005

                Photos by Kemal Goksel



May 26 2005.

AH Yacht Club, Where Three boats  and "The Past " and "The Present" Come Together 

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May 26 2005

 Photos by Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow



May 21 2005

             Photos by Tatiana Rezva-Crutchlow


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