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Norman Butler

Phil Scantlebury

Norman Butler, the 36-year-old rower from Swindon almost gave up hope when his proposed partner in Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Challenge 2001 race dropped out and he was unable to find a new rower to take his place. Norman had invested so much time and money into doing it, that he finally decided to row it alone, leaving from La Gomera.
But then Phil Scantlebury, a Tenerife resident, turned up, fit and ready for the race, having trained with Canarian rower Pedro Ripol in Progect Martha 2. That fell through when Phil hurt his back and ran into personal difficulties. Later clear of all that, Phil offered to row with Norman and the pair have spent few weeks preparing the boat for departure on 8th of October, the day after the big race sets out.
Norman accepts that his boat cannot be a part of the Ward Evans race but the challenge of completing the row is enough to drive him along. It was also enough for him to stick with the plan even when his wife, Linda, became pregnant. She had the baby two weeks before the start and came over to La Gomera at the first opportunity so that that they can both wave Norman off.

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