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September 18th 2001

Today Wallenius Line ship Rigoletto resupplied Nenad with 10 days of supplies.
Captain Kenneth Andersson of Rigoletto received a call from Nenad on VHF radio asking for some food.
After the resupply Nenad called ORS office in London and he said,

"I saw a ship about 5 miles away, I called them on my VHF and they answered me immediately. I told the Captain I was rowing across the Atlantic and that it was taking longer than I had expected, I asked if he could spare me some food, he then headed toward me, came alongside , and passed me some wonderful food. You can not imagine how great this makes me feel". 

Nenad asked me to pass on his thanks to Wallenius Lines, (which I did).
He seems to be headed for Ireland.

Kenneth F. Crutchlow

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