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BELIC FAMILY CONTINUES SEARCH (update from Roko Belic, Nenad´s son)

Dear Ellen and friends of Nenad Belic,                                                                                        
3:30am California time

I just got off the phone with Steve Varley of the British Coast Guard in Falmouth who said that they will continue the search today, Tuesday from approx. 2pm until 6pm GMT with a different kind of plane than the NIMROD, a slower-flying Cessna 404. I don't know which one of our efforts resulted in this good turn of events but of course this is what we were all hoping for. Adrian is trying to find another plane to assist in the search. The area the Coast Guard told me they would search is between the following points:

51 49'N by 14  53'W

51 41'N  by 14 47'W

51  38'N by 14  57'W

51' 46'N by 15  04'W

He told me the area to be searched is approximately 850 square miles and takes into account Jennifer Clark's current forecasted coordinates. He said the plane would be flying with a track spacing of 2 miles which, of course, they feel is the best tactic. They also told me current winds are at gale force 8 to 9 and are expected to DEcrease overnight and should continue to decrease until about force 5 within 3 days. He also said Paul Thornton called and is apparently arranging for another search plane to be sent out. I don't know who Paul Thornton is but if anyone knows please tell me so we can coordinate the planes going out. I have spoken with Kenneth and Tatiana Crutchlow, Gerard D'Aboville, Tom Lynch, Steve Najjar, Tori Murdin (McClure), Roger Diss (from a Spanish newspaper), Yvonne Kensler (from the Irish Daily Mirror) and a host of people from the British Coast Guard all of whom have been extremely helpful.

I think the main goal now is to get the right pilot in the right plane to help in the search immediately and to keep awareness in the maritime community of the situation so they may help as well. The Coast Guard plans to interrupt if not permanently end their search again at sundown today, Tuesday. We also have about 8 other friends and friends of friends scouring Ireland and England for those pilots and planes. The Coast Guard has agreed, of course, to pick up our dad regardless of who locates him. Kenneth Crutchlow recommended Adrian conduct a press conference as soon as possible to help mobilize people for the search. Adrian is working on that too. 

Full speed ahead!

October, 01, weather maps and forecast: satellite, eatlantic, seaarea

At 16:45 Oct. 01, HM Coast Guard Falmouth called off an extensive search. 
There was no sign of Nenad Belic or his boat. 

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At 00:02 GMT Oct, 01,according to Terry Collins with HM Coast Guard Falmouth, in response to the activation of an EPIRB onboard ocean rowboat "LUN" a NIMROD airplane is due to arrive on the scene in 10 minutes.
A helicopter has been sent to Bantry Bay, Ireland. Once Nenad's position is confirmed the helicopter will proceed, and will have fuel enough for approximately 20 minutes at the scene.
There are also two ships in the area proceeding toward the position.

The above information was relayed to ORS headquarters by Director Kenneth F. Crutchlow
from Los Gigantes, Tenerife, Canary Islands where he is chronicling the start of the Atlantic Challenge 2001 transatlantic rowing race.
Kenneth is in touch with the Coast Guard and we will post additional information as we receive it.

September, 27, weather forecast by Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream

Very complicated weather pattern over the eastern North Atlantic this morning.
A persistent large nearly stationary Low pressure system (at all levels of the Atmosphere) is near 52N 25W with 30-50 kts winds on the north and west side but much weaker winds on the eastern side (near your position) with winds running south and southwest 20-30 kts today with showers in the area. Seas will continue to build with swells also building.

There is also a dying hurricane in the the middle of the Atlantic that will be drawn in to this large circulation, but it is small and weak and probably won't be recognizable when it reaches your area and should pass south of your area over the weekend.A larger concern are indications that a secondary mid-latitude low pressure area will develop over the weekend and be centered near 57N 23W by Sunday with the pressure as low as 950mb! If this develops, southwest winds in your area will significantly increase this weekend and could run 30-45 kts with gusts over 50kts! Seas would exceed 20 feet. 

This low is expected to mover slowly eastward and be centered near Ireland by Tuesday... meaning your winds/seas would gradually weaken next week and back to west and northwest by Tuesday.

Distance from Nenad´s latest reported position to Bantry Bay in Ireland
between 51:18:00N 15:28:12W and 51:40:00N 9:30:00W

259 miles (417 km) (225 nautical miles)

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