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The 4th Moscow International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films - "Vertical" - took place 

  .in snow-covered Moscow on March 2nd - 4th 2001

Photo by Theodor Rezvoy

There were 70 film entries from 14 countries. Kenneth F. Crutchlow, Executive Director of the Ocean Rowing Society (London) took part in the work of the Jury, headed by Yuri Senkevitch ( the founder and presenter of one of the most popular Soviet and then Russian TV programs "Club of Adventurers", member of the Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki expedition.)
Tori Murden (USA), the first woman and the first American to row the Atlantic solo had been invited to be present as an Honourable Guest of the Festival. She took this opportunity to watch (for the first time!) the film "Tori Murden", presented at the Festival by French producers; and was pleased to accept a "Special Prize of the Festival for Tenacity and Perseverance".
A press conference regarding
Vyatcheslav (Slava) Kavtchenko (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) endevour to become the first Russian to row the Atlantic took place after the film. Slava and Mr. Crutchlow answered questions by reporters and guests of the Festival.

On the 16th of March Slava is leaving for Tenerife, the starting-point of his row. His departure is scheduled for the end of March.
Tori Murden personally gave Slava her blessing on his upcoming voyage… as well as numerous pieces of precious advice.

It looks as if Rostov-on-Don is intending to enter the History of Ocean Rowing more than once: together with Slava there came to Moscow 22-years-old twin-sisters Olga and Jenny Petrov, who "following in the wake" of their fellow-townsman are planning to start across the Atlantic as soon as October this year. Let's hope unlike Slava they won't have to await two years for their starting-date and their native city (or country) will offer them its help…As for the Ocean Rowing Society, the brave girls can always rely on its unfailing help, supported by the promise of Tori Murden to come to Tenerife and help Olga and Jenny on the last stage before the departure. 

Photo by Theodor Rezvoy

  Special thanks to reporter of the "Around the World" magazine Vassily Galenko for organising a display of the "History of Crossing Oceans by Oars" and "Russian Media about Ocean Rowers".

Photo by Theodor Rezvoy

On the photo : Olga Petrova, Stanislav Lyublinski*, Vyatcheslav Kavtchenko, Tori Murden, Jenny Petrova with food suppliments from "Mobi"

Stanislav Lyublinski - General Director of "MOBI".
 "MOBI" appeared to be
the only company in Russia
 that has been supporting Slava by supplying him with
food suppliments for the last year of his training .
Due to the prolonged strain a rower undergoes
when crossing an ocean, considerable
weight loss is often inevitable.
These special "Mobi" food suppliments,
 taken during his voyge across the Atlantic,
will help Slava to reduce  this weight loss.

Ocean Rowing Society thanks Yuri Baikovsky, the organiser and Chairman of the Festival, for his kind invitation to that perfectly organised Forum of Adventurers.

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