The ORS Int. is the official adjudicator of ocean rowing records for Guinness World Records





Michael Perrens

Frank Gargan



Born 14th August 1972 in Wolverhampton.
Not married, but has a long term girl-friend.
Joined Parachute Regiment in 1992. Travelled to Jordan, America, Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Sierra Lione, Kuwait, Iraq (from the first day of Iraq war) on training and operations for the Army. Has canoed for the Army and is a former champion. Hobbies include drinking wine with friends, table tennis; also training to get private pilots license.
Completed the ORS Atlantic Rowing Regatta in March, European Record holder of 48 days with another Paratrooper (LCpl Chris Morgan).


Born 28th April 1964, Ireland.
Joined the Army in 1982 and after 22 yrs service with The Parachute Regiment, commissioned in May 2004 and continuing to serve with 1 Para in Dover.
Served Ireland, Kosovo and Sierra Leone and has been an instructor at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst,
Married in 1983 to Maureen, who will be supported by the regiment at their family home in Dover during the row. Son and daughter; Ben (16) and Stephanie (18) respectively.
Completed the Devizes to Westminster 4 times and holds the record for rowing the 146 miles of the Thames in 22hrs and 35min, with Pte Craig McEwan (another paratrooper).

Together they aim to break the world record by rowing from La Gomera to Barbados in less than 40 days and 5 hrs (set by a Kiwi pair).  The purpose is to raise money for The Royal British Legion, The Accorns Children´s Hospice Trust and Sports Aid.