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Michael Perrens & Frank Gargan

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November 16th

09:36GMT   Positions : 26:26:49N 19:11:42W   Heading southwest (229.1 degrees)

             Distance from La Gomera - 171 miles (275 km) (149 nautical miles) -

November 15th

16:24GMT      Positions : 26:56:46N 18:32:49W

              Distance from Restinga El Hierro - 59 miles (95 km) (51 nautical miles)

              Distance from La Gomera - 118 miles (191 km) (103 nautical miles)

10:47GMT   Positions: 27:05:06N 18:21:50W

                Distance from Restinga El Hierro - 45 miles (72 km) (39 nautical miles)

                Distance from La Gomera - 104 miles (167 km) (90 nautical miles)


After yacht Holly Dee returned to La Gomera (without reaching "Britannia") Mike and Frank tried yesterday to row to El Hierro for repairs to foot steering ( as seen on the chart)

It soon became impossible for them to make any headway toward El Hierro by rowing (wind N-E 20knt), so they decided to proceed to Barbados without repairs.Total time lost from the time a tow was requested to the time they headed for Barbados is 23 hours.  

Letter from Kenneth F.Crutchlow to Spanish Coast Guard

To Duty officer
RCC Tenerife.
For attention of Leopold

We have been monitoring all the Argos positions of Britannia Endeavor for last 24 hours.
It is a fact that yesterday due to a minor equipment failure they did request that ORS on their behalf engage a yacht to tow them back to La Gomera. We engaged the Holly Dee who left La Gomera but due to heavy seas they were unable to reach Britannia Endeavor and they returned safely to La Gomera.
Yesterday I did speak with Michael Perrens by satellite phone and he confirmed to me that they had been able to fix what was a minor problem and they had decide to carry on toward Barbados.
Mr. Perrens specifically asked me to be sure that Spanish Coast Guard be informed that they had NOT activated either of the two emergency beacons on board and that they need NO assistance from any quarter. I understand that a Spanish Coast Guard vessel did at some time leave port with the intention of checking on the crew, I accept that there was some expense involved in this, and I will arrange for our contact in Tenerife to contact your office directly and offer to resolve this matter by making contribution toward these expenses.
We at Ocean Rowing Society record all ocean rows and we are always ready to cooperate fully with the Coast Guards throughout the world, I take this chance to thank you the Spanish Coast Guard for your efforts and concern re this matter.

Sincerely Yours
Executive Director
Kenneth F. Crutchlow

November 14th

8:45GMT. Doug Carroll informed ORS:

"Due to heavy seas and seasickness of the crew of 'Holly Dee', the yacht has abandoned efforts to reach 'Britannia'. Another yacht is being sought".

10:02GMT  - Positions: 27:14:46N 17:46:23W


12:00GMT. It is proving difficult to find a boat and a crew to assist Mike and Frank. ORS member Phil Scantlebury (who speaks good Spanish) is trying to find a boat and a crew in Restinga El Hierro to go to the aid of the rowers. Mike called ORS HQ, as scheduled, he intends to try and row North in order to maintain position.


18:31GMT -  Positions: 27:18:50N 17:51:47W

Distance from Restinga El Hierro-  25 miles (40 km) (21 nautical miles)

22:23GMT -  Positions: 27:17:49N 17:56:17W


23:12GMT. Oceanrower Pedro Ripol informed that a Coast Guard boat that he helped to organize and coordinate from Los Christianos (Tenerife) is on site of the last reported position of Britannia. They are unable to see Britannia or reach the crew on telephone or VHF. A member of  Britannia support team says that earlier today he had spoken to Michael and was told “we are going to row to El Hierro, we expect to arrive tomorrow.”

November 13th

19:45GMT. Doug Carroll, ORS representative in La Gomera called ORS HQ in London to say, that Michael had called him requesting a tow back due to problem with the foot steering.

21.45GMT. Doug Carroll has organized the yacht "Holly Dee" (Westerly Ketch 33', owner Mike Stewart) to leave Port de La Gomera within the hour, heading for rendezvous with "Britannia", which is expected in 12-13 hours. "Britannia" will be towed back to La Gomera for repairs and will restart as soon as repairs have been done


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