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O A R L O C K S   a n d   P O N Y T A I L S

Dear Kenneth and the crew at ORS,

It was good catching up to you over the weekend Kenneth and having a chance to share a few thoughts and laughs. But more importantly, I want to thank you guys for keeping my story hanging around your homepage since the beginning. You were there in Monterey, California when I shoved off and you ve been there ever since with advice and support during my 10,000 miles at sea on my attempt to get around the world. It s been a while Kenneth and I m a different person now, and I m here to share some news. It s over for me. A few weeks ago, I decided I am not going to return to my boat and carry on. 

The decision came to me while I was at a stoplight in my car with my 5 year-old twin daughters sitting in the back seat. They were just talking to me and by the time the light turned green, I had decided I wasn t going to leave them anymore. Any voyager can tell you the wonders of being a thousand miles out with the wind and sun on their face, and I ve got mine to tell as well. I love it out there. But, my daughters needs are more important than that now. As unexpected as it was, I ve got to say the decision to stop was made as easily and happily as it was to go. 

I was a fortunate guy Kenneth. I was honored with support from many people and allowed to spend 269 days at sea to learn more about the world, other cultures, myself and my little place in it, but, mostly I was blessed with family and friends that stood with me all the way through. And for several years, I was able to share with over a million school kids some of my strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, a little geography, a little math and a few sea tales. Through it all, I was just a guy trying to get my rowboat around the world the best way I knew how and I hope that a maybe a few times I bumped into the bar that was set by all the rowers that had gone before. If I didn t, I had a hell of a great time trying. I know you re going to ease me into the archives and I ll feel honored being listed there along side your list of other rowers, who have inspired me to believe that my voyage was possible. 

Bravo Kenneth. You guys are doing a great and needed thing at ORS. Please pass on that I ve always got a warm bunk and a cold brew on hand for any rower passing through southern California. Aloha and steady on. 

Mick Bird

  1983-2001 Ocean Rowing Society

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